‘Tis the season to party!’

One of the greatest joy we get living far from family is by hearing ‘you are invited to the party’. And, what’s best then if that is from your office festive party. Many times you can’t make it your home on every festival and that’s when the office festive party brings joy and a smile to your face.

Celebrating the festival with co-workers is a different experience adding to your list. You won’t be discussing the revenue, client update, our boss’s mood, instead, what is there to eat? Everything seems sorted especially about the party where you do nothing but chill bonding with your colleagues. But what brings anxiety is what will you wear on this festive party? We know it’s tricky and you have a lot to stress other than the dress and footwear. We got your back!

Stop scrambling to put together an outfit from the zenith of your closet and wear the perfect shoes.
Leather shoes it is. For obvious reasons, a timeless, durable, perfect look for any occasion. No, you can’t wear formal shoes but the variants of it. It helps you get the perfect appraisal of compliments and makes you look edgy.

We picked out the best comfortable, trendy, and leather shoes for you to fit your budget and can help you transform any time. Make before you wear them it should be polished and neat.


The quintessential loafers can be traced in your closet. Take that out. Not to mention the loafers come in different styles and patterns. Horse bit, a handcrafted loafer, penny loafer, or hand-painted loafers the list is long. Wear any and you know for sure that loafers are so adaptable that it goes along your dress completely.

Formal outfit or the ethnic look loafers are your saviors at every step with comfort.


Incredibly a head-turner piece. A tan shade Mojaris can make you stand out in the whole festive party. It automatically sets your mood for the party and people around. With no lace, buckle the sleek statement is presents humbly cannot be matched.

Own a good piece of tan or classic black tone Mojaris to be a showstopper this festive season. It is versatile and goes perfect with your indo-fashion or pure ethnic look.

Leather Sneakers

We know you love to wear leather shoes to look edgy but a festive party at the office is not the right time to hit on with your leather pieces. Festival season is all about eating, dancing, and being comfortable with your people. And, make sure your shoes are troubling you to do the same.

Get into the leather sneakers. Brogue-punch, too tanned leather sneaker, laced up with weave detail sneakers and many other shades. Leather sneakers are trendy, cool, and comfortable. It gives you the formal look with a fun tint on it.

Get your dapper outfit out and hit the party with a festive mood from head to toe.

Chelsea Boots

Its either formal leather shoes or Chelsea boots for men. And, you are not wrong at all. If you have a cocktail party or just a theme party Chelsea boots is your savior until the beach is the theme. These boots are versatile, graceful, and automatically lifter of your simple outfit.

The colors and design available are many but brown and tanned shades are what works for every occasion. Go in your ethnic look or western attire a pair of Chelsea boots will edge up your game. This has been an iconic piece of fashion since the 1960s and nothing can defeat them.

Slip-on Mules

Also known as Hofflers. These are incredibly the most comfortable shoes out of all the collection of menswear. With a vamp and sharp look in the front and back is adorned with least to support your feet. As the name suggests the mules are what you would want to wear this festive season letting people know how much comfort is your fashion.

It’s the perfect shoes for ethnic wear and every season. Once, you get comfortable in these, it will be hard for you to choose any pair other than this. Choose a contrasting color and you are all set for the party.


We listed out the best festive wear leather shoes for men. Festival party be it at home or office you need to be comfortable in your shoes otherwise its all waste. But what if shoes can get you to compliment it will widen your smile. To avail, that compliment chose from the list mentioned above.

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Akshit Sharma, A creative blogger and Digital marketer at dmodot - the hub of leather shoes. His background is in Travelling, listening music and more.