It is no secret that many females have an affinity for shoes. Most shoe lovers could own easily over 200 pairs. A true shoe lover has an ever expanding footwear collection. But without the right organizational products and systems in place, even moderate footwear fanatics can find themselves with limited closet space. If you’re tired of watching your closet floor disappear beneath a steadily growing pile of shoes, it may be time to consider your shoe organizer options.

The right shoe organizers can whip your closet into shape, make it faster and easier to find your shoes and protect your special footwear from damage. Imagine getting ready for work or school in the morning and being able to locate your shoes right away. No more scrambling through cluttered, mismatched shoes to find the pair that complements your outfit. You’ll save precious time and prevent needless frustration every single day.

A good place to start your great shoe organization quest is to think about the best, most convenient way to store your footwear. Many shoe lovers suggest sorting shoes by color. Others prefer organizing their collection seasonally, or by activity. Think about your go-to shoes. You want them to be easiest to access and retrieve.

It’s also a good idea to spend some time on inventory. Count how many pairs of shoes you own. Are any pairs looking a little past their prime? This is a great time to clean house. If you find several pairs that you wear very seldom and are only minimally worn, consider donating them. It’s never easy to part with a pair of shoes, but think about how much room you’ll be making for some flashy new pumps next season, or some darling flats to wear to the office.

Speaking of new shoes, take some time to think about how quickly your shoe collection is expanding. Be realistic. It’s always better to give yourself more space than you think you’ll need.

Here are a few other considerations to keep in mind when deciding which shoe organizer to purchase. You will need to determine if your closet space is too small to accommodate some of the shoe organizer choices.

If your closet is too small and you honestly want to use it anyway, there is one way to get around that. You could divide your shoes by season, storing the off season shoes elsewhere and keeping the current season shoes in your closet. You could also purchase organizers that hang on the back of a door which would free up all your closet space — but you will have to implement the seasonal storage system also.

Here are some examples of shoe storage organizers that you may want to consider:

• Over the Door Shoe Racks: some styles hold 18 to 26 pair of shoes.
• 3-Tier Revolving Shoe Tree: holds approximately 12 pairs of shoes.
• Shoe Racks – they sit on the floor: they hold varying numbers of shoes.
• Clear Plastic Small Shoe Box: these are stackable boxes that are ideal for small to moderate shoe collections.
• Clear Plastic Large Shoe Box: these stackable boxes are transparent for quick viewing and easy shoe access.
• Expandable/Stackable Shoe Rack: expands from 24” wide to 46” wide – holding 6-12 pairs of shoes.
• Convertible Shoe Rack 36” W x 18”H x 8”D: this rack can stand vertical or flat on the floor.
• Double Shoe Storage Chest 30”W x 11-1/2”D x 34”H: These tilting doors save space and tuck your shoes away neatly.
• Hanging Sweater and Shoe Organizer: Hangs conveniently on closet pole for sweaters and shoes.
• Large 10 Shelf Canvas Shoe Organizer: Hangs on closet pole to store shoes vertically.
• Large Canvas Drawer for 10 Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer: comes in set of two – strong and durable.
• Mesh Shoe Shelf: mesh shelf sizes are medium to large – if you buy more than one unit you can stack them using vertical space.
• Stackable Grip Shoe Rack: this unit can be used in conjunction with Stackable Closet Shelves – one unit holds 6 pairs of shoes.
• Underbed Shoe Chest: 12 gauge vinyl – holds 16 pair of shoes
• Window Shoe Box: comes in large and small sizes – stackable with a see through window – stacks easily on any shelf.

Now that you have a better understanding of your shoe organization options, it should be much easier to roll up your sleeves and get started. Remember to carefully evaluate your current space and your future needs. It takes real courage for a shoe lover to implement a solid organization system – especially if it means sifting through a giant collection and getting rid of a few pairs. But rest assured that you will be more than pleased when your project is complete and you can see all your shoes in order.

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