Are you confused which e-commerce platform to use? Shopify or WooCommerce? Let's compare them both and understand which one suits your preferences.

Shopify Vs. WooCommerce

•Both the platforms are equally good for e-commerce business and provide the same options.

•You need to know that what you want from your e-commerce site and your choice should depend on that.

•Shopify is best for those who are new to e-commerce business.

•WooCommerce is best for those who want to fully control their e-commerce site.

These points are not enough for you to choose between the two. You need to know about both of them in detail.

As you know, earlier if someone wanted to build an e-commerce site them he had to hire a developer. But now due to technological development, you can now build an e-commerce store on your own through various services with little or zero knowledge of coding.

There are two main platforms which help you to develop your own site.

1. Shopify
2. WooCommerce

It can be confusing to choose between the two as both of them have good reviews. So we will help you choose the platform which is right for you by giving each and every detail about both the platforms. So you can choose the one that suits you the most.


Shopify is an online tool that helps you to develop an e-commerce store without any knowledge of coding. You don’t need a developer to build your site. You can build it on your own and can also take help from the Shopify guide if you get stuck at some point.

You can sell all kinds of products through Shopify like digital downloads, physical products, services etc. You can also combine Shopify with your Brick and Mortar store. If you are a beginner and want simple solutions for your e-commerce website, then Shopify is the best option you can choose. Hire Shopify Developer to develop your ecommerce store in Shopify and stand out from the rest.


Before trying to understand anything about WooCommerce, you need to have knowledge about WordPress which is a popular site builder. WordPress alone runs 28.9% of the internet. WordPress is the solution for sharing content and building websites. But you can also use WordPress for your e-commerce business.

WooCommerce has various features like Add To Cart, inventory management etc. which can be added to your WordPress site. And the best part is that both WooCommerce and WordPress are free.

So What To Choose?

Your ultimate choice depends on what you want from your e-commerce store.

•You can choose Shopify if you are new to e-commerce and want a simple platform to build your site. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can build an e-commerce store with the help if Shopify. It js both powerful and simple and works in a relevant manner. The setup of Shopify is easy and has a single dashboard that gives all the information. Shopify is best for its simplicity.

•Choose WooCommerce if you have the knowledge of WordPress as WooCommerce is interlinked with WordPress. WordPress makes your e-commerce store unique and beautiful with different types of themes available. WooCommerce has additional features of shipping, coupons, taxes etc.


To be frank, both Shopify and WooCommerce are equally amazing platforms to build e-commerce stores. Both the platforms are unique in their own way and both of them are going to help you make money through your e-commerce store. So choose the platform that suits you the best. Think about if you want an easy to use platform or a platform with some additional features.

Both the platforms have their own features and are going to help you develop e-commerce stores that you desire.

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