For shoppers, the internet is truly paradise incarnate with the range of goods available with merely a few keystrokes. In the past, the home computer (Desktop) used to be the primary means of doing your online shopping. But mobile devices have been expanding in a very big way. A quick search reveals some startling statistics. The figures point to the fact that mobile browsing may soon surpass desktop computers in as little as a few years. If that is true, then we are truly seeing something important happening in the history of internet browsing trends. The future is clear. Mobile devices will one day be the primary means for accessing the internet. We’ve had mobile devices that have been internet ready for quite a few years now. But they’ve always been rather difficult to navigate due to flawed navigation and the fact that most websites don’t cater to mobile devices.

This makes browsing through a tiny cellphone infuriating at times. But no more. With increased screen sizes, intuitive navigation and the various tablet PC’s hitting the market, mobile computing is booming in a very big way. For most, the size of the website (Resolution) is the main problem. Many traditional websites simply don’t fit well enough into smaller screens. For those looking to implement some modicum of mobile adaptability in the future, there is much to be done. Website navigation will have to be upgraded to suit mobile consumer's needs. Compact websites with big and clear navigation buttons will do the best. Some online stores out there have already faced this challenge and have made the necessary changes. Lets take a look at some of the popular mobile stores below.


Amazon is our first online retailer of interest. In terms of the volume of goods offered, very few can compete with Amazon. And women's shoes are just one of the goods it excels at. Even oddities like Dolly shoes or Spectator shoes are stocked. But their site is quite unfriendly to mobile devices. Instead of ensuring their website is mobile friendly, they have developed a separate, downloadable application that lets you browse their products from any mobile device with ease. While they do have a large selection of women’s shoes, their range of designer brands is somewhat lacking. Knowing this, they launched Endless is a high end designer brand superstore for all things fashion. If you have the coin to spend on the very best that fashion has to offer, come to


If hail from the UK, you may have heard of the next website on the list, Their online store however only makes available higher end fashion goods like handbags and shoes. For the very best in high fashion, Harrods is hard to beat. Bu the entry price is rather steep. Prices generally range from 60 pounds upwards. You'll be sure to come across some very high priced footwear that includes brands like Tahari and Mulberry. But the question is, is their site friendly to mobile devices? It isn’t actually. But that oversight will be rectified soon enough. They are currently in the finishing stages of their mobile site


Ebay is the last topic of our interest. Their site is fully mobile compatible. Bidding on auctions has never been easier with Ebay. Because they are the world’s most popular auction site, you’ll be able to find anything from vintage shoes to the most obscure items on the market. The advantage Ebay offers customers is their range of goods for auction. After all, Ebay is not a retail website. It is powered by the goods its members sell to the public. So if you fancy auctions, this may be the best online shopping store for women’s shoes on the internet.

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