The city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is famous for its textile products. Traditional hand embroidered clothes and fabrics in bright colors are available in the numerous shops around the city. The ‘tie and dye’ handicrafts of the state are sold in roadside shops to government emporium. This is right place to shop for Saris, salwar-kurta sets and dress materials for festivals and Gujarati matrimony functions.

If you are fond of shopping, then Ahmedabad will not disappoint you. The city is truly a shopper’s paradise. From traditional items to modern, contemporary wear, the multitude of shops in the city has something for every shopper. The city is well known for its cotton textile products. ‘Tye and dye’, a handicraft from the state of Gujarat, is available in the shops selling traditional items. Gorgeous zari work saris and lehengas are also sold in the city.

Wedding saris shopping for various Gujarati Matrimony functions are available in the city. Traditional tanchoi and patola saris from Gujarat, which are wore in the various wedding functions are sold in the shops. Saris with rich silk embroideries from the state attract women from the state.

Apart from silk saris, cotton saris are famous here. Crisp cotton saris in bright summery colors are available in the shops here. Textile products from Gujarat like bed sheets, curtains, cushion covers and table linen are also available here. They are available in cotton, silk, and affordably priced. These products have handcrafted embroidery, which adds to the exquisiteness. These handcrafted textile items are good for personal buying as well as for gifting to friends and relatives. These items can be good usage to the newly wedded couple. Newly-weds, especially in a Gujarati matrimony event, receives textile items for home and personal use.

Shopping in the city is a fun experience. Roadside shops sell traditional items. Usually good bargaining skills are required to shop here as some of the shopkeepers keep the prices high. If you are searching for handicraft, gifts then the best place to find exquisite ones are at the C.G. market. The shops lined here sell authentic handicraft products. Buy a decorative piece for your house or take as souvenir for family and friends back home.

This market also has shops selling beautiful patola saris. It is said that Patola saris are one of the finest hand woven saris from India. It comes from Patan, a small town in Gujarat. Ideally, it takes around 4to 6 months for a Patola sari to finish and the final product is a unique work of craftsmanship. Vegetable colours are used while coloring the fabric.

Clay utensils are another item to shop in the city. Embellished clay utensils are sold in Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium, Khadi Gramudyog Emporiums, Saurashtra Emporium and Hastkala.

Some famous Shopping Markets in Ahmedabad are as follows:

1. Bapu Nagar
2. Kadia
3. Ellis Bridge
4. Lal Darwaza
5. Kalupur
6. Raipur
7. Maninagar
8. Vadaj
9. Paldi

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