Life is too short to do many things. One cannot be everything. Still we have some desires which we want to get fulfilled. We want to taste success in career and be rich. At least want to get some of them to materialize. I often ask myself, is there a formula for success? Technically; no. We read through many success stories and biographies, they are part of some one’s life. Things don’t respond same for everyone. We know each human being is this world is unique, no two people’s finger prints match, no two people’s DNA matches. Then how can one success path be same for another individual. Let’s find out.

What to do in such scenario. Keep experimenting and look out one for yourself. Nope. After going through many books, literature, seminars of scholars, I found one thing common. Yes that is dream, positive approach and desire. You will say Wow what a discovery. We all know that and we all do that. Yes and No. We have a desire, how many of us chase our desire. How many of us dream with our eyes open. How many of us really believe positive will happen. Are you sure you don’t doubt a bit that some good will happen in your life. We satisfy ourselves by saying we do believe but there is always doubt in some corner of mind which is outcome of analysis of facts, figures and current situation. And believe me this in natural.

It is true that thoughts make reality. What we think and imagine we get it back. The shortcut to achieve success is dream, keep the desire burning and believe it strongly. In your thought process ignore current situation – how miserable it be, don’t give attention to facts. Just focus on your belief and say to yourself its gonna happen, I don’t know how but it will happen. Take yourself in that state doing various things, smile and feel happy. Often you will feel sad coming back to real world. Try to sustain that temporary state of happiness of your thought process for as long as possible. Practice it once a day, good if you do it early morning which sets your mood for the day. You will feel so much positive energy inside you. It creates an aura of positivity around you.

There is certainly long way to achieve this state which comes with practice. This is not a rocket science. Everyone can do this. You may continue to do it for few days, then slowly you start leaving this knowledge and get dragged to same routine and thoughts. This is natural, law of equilibrium. And excess of energy must be passed on to surroundings to achieve a neutral state. A hot cup loses its heat to surroundings, a moving bicycle loses its energy without pedaling and stops, a battery dies over the time producing electricity.

So what to do now. Share this technique with someone close to you. Who meets with you, talks to you a lot. Can be friend, spouse, relative, any one. This is about establishing an endless spark. Brain can produce endless thoughts and energy. People in army get ready to die in wars, just when words come out of one brain, their leader. We have seen suicide bombers waste their life, how come, because their thoughts are charged by a strong mind. This is what we need to implement. Tell your partner when they are negative, fill them with positive thoughts and make them believe. They will do same to you. You wont come to know when negative starts prevailing inside you. Other person can judge and stop you right there. Keep igniting the desire, force them to believe, live in that moment.

While reading all this, I bet you feel little charged up. Feel like some positive has been implanted in you and yes, you can achieve, you will. I strongly believe that you will succeed, can’t tell you duration but yes yes you will succeed. And then do tell others, inspire them and make a difference, it will give you true happiness. All the very best my friend.

Author's Bio: 

Siddhaartha Vaid works with Jay Polychem India Ltd and he loves to talk about Occult Sciences, Law of attraction, Inner energy and Mind power.