Today, the phone system has become a necessity for every business, be it well established or a startup. To connect with your customers it’s almost mandatory to build a network where it’s easy to build connectivity with your customer and serve the best of your services.

While serving your customers it’s important to connect your customer with the right person on the help desk. In today’s era, the IP Telephone System is being used to serve your customers.

There are multiple benefits of using a business telephone system in your office.

Increased Scope: With the use of office telephone system allows to connect more and more customers at a time.

Automated Calling Feature: There are numerous features that make your user-connectivity easy and quick. The features like auto call receive; call transfer, direct calling via extensions makes it easy to entertain your users as well as build network within the office.
Conferencing: Whenever required the telephone system allows a conferencing feature that is not possible with the traditional phone system.

Now let’s talk about different types of telephone systems that can be used within your office premises.

Multi-Line Telephone System: Whenever you require a single phone line within your office, you will require a multi-line telephone system. The use of multi-line telephone network allows allot individual extension number to each phone in your office and connect with them whenever required. Multiple calling is also possible with this telephone system. This telephone system also allows you to make local as well as toll-free calls.

VoIP Telephone System: VoIP stands for Voice over IP, so it easily elaborated the meaning of this telephone system. These calls are made via broadband internet system instead of traditional lines. Now, there are numerous benefits of using VoIP over traditional telephone lines. Features like easy to install, cost-friendly systems and advanced features make it dominating over other phone systems.

PABX System: There are basically two terms i.e. PABX and PBX which depicts the same telephone system. Where PBX is the acronym of Public Branch Exchange, PABX is the acronym of Public Automatic Branch Exchange. The best benefit of using this telephone system is to route incoming as well as outgoing calls via your phone lines along with other advanced features. This telephone system to offers multiple opportunities like extensions, conference call, routing, etc.

Cloud Connection System: The use of cloud phone system is being used in many of the businesses. The best use of cloud phone system is that it can host PBX system as well as VoIP system that make your entire calling feature more reliable and easy to maintain. The entire system is configured off-site that are cost-friendly and can be easily maintained via virtual office setup. But there is one demerit of using the cloud connection i.e. you need to have your dependency on a third-party server to manage the entire cloud-based telephone system.

SO, you have earned sound knowledge about the types of business phone systems and what they will deliver you.

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