Shortness of Breath Anxiety: How Does Anxiety Cause Shortness of Breath - Can Anxiety Cause Shortness of Breath

Probably the most common symptom of them all with anxiety & panic is shortness of breath; some also describe it as a smothering sensation, or feeling like they are suffocating, like there is no air around them.

This is often the first symptom that will trigger off a panic attack. As soon as the sufferer feels they cannot breathe then the heart begins to race 50 to the dozen, then you begin to feel dizzy like your going to pass out and that's when the fear of death hits you dead in your tracks.

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Or of course, you could feel short of breath, then dizzy (or light-headed), then racing heart beat then scared to your wits end that your going to die or pass-out.

If you've ever felt this sensation before, then you should be aware that this is classic symptoms of a panic attack.

It can hit anytime, anywhere. Heck, I used to get this one a lot while driving in my car. And anyone who can relate to that knows that is dam frightening! Because now you're afraid you're going to have a car accident with it!

The most important thing in this scenario is to deal with the first symptom. The shortness of breath. I will begin by explaining to you why you feel the shortness of breath.

The blunt of it is obviously poor breathing technique, which apparently majority of the world does not breathe properly. But for the anxiety sufferer it's usually much more predominant. The anxiety sufferer takes very short quick breaths, therefore not allowing sufficient amount of air flow to your lungs and body.

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Here is a quick test you can perform right now on yourself to see if you are breathing correctly. Place your hand between your chest and stomach area, as you breathe in is your chest and stomach area rising? As you breathe out does your hand fall with your stomach and chest?

When I first did this test, I was quite surprised to find that there was little movement at all.

What you need to do is encourage deeper slower breaths. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, and then breathe out through your mouth slowly. You will find when you first start practicing this technique that it will probably make you feel a bit light headed. That's ok. It's because your body isn't used to receiving so much oxygen. It is used to living on the "bread and dripping" bum end scale of oxygen.

Try doing this exercise a few times a day, eventually it will become habit and you will adopt new and healthier breathing habits.

It is important for the anxiety sufferer to know that he/she will not stop breathing from these sensations. You try holding your breath; your body will shortly after force you to breathe again.

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Chances are... You probably have asked yourself this question at some stage. I know personally my self, I didn't just ask myself but asked others around me! "Am I going nuts?"

I think some of them might of looked at me to say "Oh... maybe you're a little batty" *smiles*. But it's extremely hard, if not, impossible for anyone to understand what you're going through unless they have actually been there. I even recall watching my parents go through it as a kid, and I thought they were over-reacting.

But here are the hard facts. People who are truly going crazy, mad around the twist, however you want to word it... do not realize it!

Have you ever watched a movie based on real life with someone who is going "crazy" and the person going crazy say...? "LOCK ME UP, get the straight jacket!!! I'M CRAZY"... Or perhaps, you even know someone that has been down that road of craziness... Did they ever admit they were going crazy?

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Nah-uh! Because they don't realize it, in fact, they just think that the rest of us have lost the plot and they're the only sane people in the world.

Now unless you're wrapping your house in alfoil wrap and building special devices to prevent aliens from tapping into your brain and building ammunition to destroy these evil aliens then it's really unlikely that you're going crazy.

So next time you ask yourself if you're going crazy, ask have you ever known anyone to be placed in a little white padded cell because they have a fear of fear? Because that's what panic disorder is... A fear of fear!

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You just might be surprised at the role forgiveness can play in Anxiety & Panic Disorder.

Now I want to ask you some questions...

Do you hold resentment against someone? A grudge?
Do you find your self feeling bitter, angry or upset often towards this person?

If so, are you struggling to let go of these feelings?

I can assure you, no matter what the circumstances, if you are holding onto these negative feelings, you are hurting yourself greater then you are hurting the person for holding onto these feelings.

Heck, I've been guilty of this in the past! And when I choose to let go, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. I didn't feel so tense anymore, and I began to feel happier on the inside.

Of course, I am not suggesting you brush off completely what this person has done to you to make you feel this way. I will show you how I have learnt to let go of these resentments and anger.

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First off, I deal with these emotions by writing everything down that I feel towards this person, what they did to me, and why I'm angry and hurt about it. I write down every word I can think of that describes how I feel towards to them. I then read what I wrote and then tear the piece of paper up and throw it out.

From that moment on I tell myself I will not revisit these feelings. They are dealt with I will now let go.

Depending on the circumstances of the situation, I may call the person, visit them, or say nothing at all. It strongly depends on how the person is connected to me.

The power of forgiveness in its time can be very self testing and difficult, but when you can learn to let go and forgive you show amazing strength and integrity. You will ultimately self benefit and become the bigger person.

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Take a look out on your breathing, for many people being fully tied down with tons of workloads that will leave them out of shape and feel helpless to handle unprepared stress when it comes.

It is important that you practice some form of deep breathing periodically all day long in order for you to better deal and survive in this kind of stressful environment. Take a minute of break for some deep breathing to ease your mind and overcome anxiety.

Share with your colleagues, talk it out whenever you feel anxious and stressed up by the tasks that you are handling. I can fully understand how you feel especially when you are tighten up by all the deadlines to meet in a limited time given, the situation can be so bad that to make you feel choke and breathless. Therefore, it is advisable to share your thoughts and problems with your close colleagues during lunchtime or dinner after work. It helps you to throw out all your negative feelings so that you able to carry on and cope with anxiety.

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Have fun after a long day. You can plan for a funny show with your close friends or colleagues or a singing session after work to relax yourself. No more work related activities at home especially weekends, you deserve a good break, plan for some leisure and relax activities or go for a holiday.

We do not have a choice to choose the working environment that we want it to be so we must learn how to cope with the environment that we are in. You may have this article printed out and paste on your office desk, practice it so that you able to cope with anxiety when you feel stress and overcome it.

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