As a landscaper or land clearing specialist, one of the things you’ve probably long wished you could do is convert the felled trees that you have to deal with into something profitable, or at the very least, make it easier to deal with them. You look at the way big landscaping and lumber companies handle it, where they actually have a steady secondary or primary business making use of the cell trees as a product. Unfortunately, unless you are huge, or work in a very heavily-wooded area with a significant logging industry already present, getting the trees ready for a traditional mill is just not something that you are set up for, and is something that is going to cost you more than you will make. Still, dealing with these trees as always been a pain, so any kind of tool that could reduce the labor requirements while increasing safety would be a blessing even if it couldn’t add a secondary source of profit your business.

A portable saw mill isn’t a new concept, but it’s something that a lot of people seem to be unaware of until it’s pointed out. However, if you talk to anyone in the logging industry, they will tell you that these are Lifesavers and game changers for their industry, and they very much could be for others as well. These modular systems are very compact, not requiring additional heavy vehicles to transport, they are very easy to set up, very easy to use and incredibly safe. A portable sawmill like this can be set up where the tree is, with minimal Musson fuss, and can easily section off and otherwise prepare a tree easily disposed of, or be properly prepared for some sort of profitable secondary use. You can section off, cut it in the firewood, cut it into small pieces for easy on-site mulching, you name it. Even if you live in an area where it would still be impractical to resell this secondary byproduct as lumber or firewood, or even mulch, at the very least, it will greatly reduce labor-intensive miss in danger of sectioning off the trees for disposal.

The biggest take away here is actually the safety, as these gas and electric powered systems have all manner of safety precautions in place to prevent unfortunate accidents, both from the equipment itself and from the heavy pieces of tree you are dealing with. It can also cut down the time it takes to section off the streets for disposal by drastic amounts, reducing your labor and time cost significantly. Your workers and your clients will both thank you for making it cheaper, faster and safer to handle land clearing and landscaping, disposing of those pesky trees in ways that aren’t expensive and time-consuming. If you can make use of this to get a secondary profitable source of income out of this waste, all the better, because these trees may as well serve a purpose, that’s just ecological, economic and smart. Remember, work smart not hard, and any ethical way you can squeeze more profitability out of your business without expense to anyone, the better. If you are interested in a saw mill like this, consider shopping online with [company name], your best and most affordable source for a portable sawmill or other revolutionary equipment to make your job and your life much easier!


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