Many adults do this everyday... many do it twice a day. Actually I know of some friends who take time out to participate even three times a day. Why so much?
Because they understand the benefits.

With the benefits well documented doesn't it make sense to encourage children to start?

So what am I referring to anyway?

Meditation of course. To name just a few of the amazing benefits:

 helps with imagination
 relieves stress and anxiety
 promotes mental well being
 improves focus
 improves memory
 improves relationships
 helps with relaxation
 helps with a restful nights sleep
 raises self- esteem

If you knew there was something that could help your child achieve this plus more would you use it?

I have seen it work wonders with my own children. What is interesting about meditation is that it works almost effortlessly. The effort required being the act of meditation itself. Reading about the benefits and how to do it, isn't quite the same as actually doing it. The same way that reading a recipe doesn't bake me a cake.

I have seen shifts in my children that are quite incredible, in a relatively short amount of time. It is interesting as they might not even realise it is the meditation having this positive effect. Having three children with quite different personalities, I have seen all of these benefits and more manifest in them. That is the beauty of meditation.

If you meditate yourself you will know there are various forms of meditation available. So which is best? In my experience guided meditations work best with kids.

Why is that?

Our minds have a tendency to wander and it can be difficult for kids to concentrate and keep focus especially when they first start. I remember one of the earlier meditations I got my kids to try was simply music. As expected their mind wandered all over the place and they began worrying they were doing it “wrong”. Of
course there is no right or wrong when it comes to meditation. But if you arent used to quietening your mind it can be a little challenging to start.

These particular meditations allow your children to use their own creativity and imaginations. They will be taken on a journey where they feel safer, at peace and
happier. Children usually only feel comfortable doing 15-20 minutes. (Maybe even a little less depending on their age). Any longer than that and they will start to
loose interest.

If you are looking for opportunities to help raise your child‟s self-esteem and relieve stress and anxiety, then give meditation a go. You will be amazed at
what happens.

Author's Bio: 

Felicity Baker is a mindset expert. She suffered from clinical anxiety for over 30 years before overcoming it. It nearly destroyed her life when she found herself in a hospital emergency ward unable to swallow anything including her own saliva.

After months of testing Felicity discovered there was nothing physically wrong with her. Anxiety manifested itself in her body by quite literally being unable to swallow. She had created the whole situation with her mind.

In under 3 years and with having to retrain herself to eat first, Felicity transformed her life to one of joy and passion and now helps others to do the same.

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