One of the most painful aspects of a break-up is the lack of clarity on where you stand in relation to your partner. Although most break-ups are fixable - and I will show you how to do it in a second - the real problem often lies in understanding when your ex is ready to talk to you again and in discovering exactly what to say to bring them back. This is why in this article, I reveal a secret and proven technique for apologizing to your ex in a way that will win them back in just 17 days

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First of all, it is important to give it some time (usually about two weeks) before you contact your ex. The truth is, your partner was likely affected by the break-up as badly as you were. She may not show it, but she's going nuts on the inside! This is good news for anyone hoping to get their ex back - but it is also why it is important to give each other some space - for her to calm down and for you to figure out what to say later on.

After two weeks of silence, if you're still intent on making amends, your best shot is to write a letter to your ex. Letters may sound like a rather old-fashioned way of getting in touch with someone, but they have the advantage of letting you tell your side of the story without being interrupted or getting drawn into arguments.

In the letter, start off by acknowledging the break-up - shows maturity and responsibility on your end, and also indicates to your ex that you have put some thought into the relationship in the meantime. Next, it is important that you state ALL points that you feel led to it in the first place. Since you only get one shot at it, it is important that your letter is as all-inclusive as possible - by doing so, you show your ex that you know what the problems were and therefore are capable of solving them.

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It is hardly likely that because you both have broken off that you do not have any feelings left for one another. But yes, you are clear of your feelings but are not clear if your ex too has feelings. Watch out for those mutual feelings.

Your ex is around
Do you see your ex around at places where you hang around? Or has your ex stopped frequenting those places because these are the places you also frequent and they do not wish to bump into you. If they are around then it's mutual.

Your ex says "Hi" when around
Does your ex say "Hi" to you when you are around at the same time? If your ex does say a "Hi", it shows that there are mutual feelings still. But if ex did not bother to say "Hi" or anything else then you could take it that it's not mutual.

Your ex contacts you
You have called your ex a couple of times but has your ex ever tried to contact you? They may have been courteous and cordial when answering you but the point is, have they attempted to call. If so, then the feelings are mutual.

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Your ex asks for you to be invited
If there's something on at your ex's friend's house does your ex ask for you too to be invited? If they take interest to have you too invited then the feelings are mutual. But if it makes no difference or they're unconcerned then the story is different.

Your ex asks you to dance
If you're at the same party does your ex ask you to dance with them, or are they picking up other partners? This will leave you in a bit of doubt as to whether they are doing it intentionally to make you jealous or actually to avoid you.

Your ex hunts you out
Does your ex hunt you out if they know you too are invited or likely to be present at a gathering? Or if you're not to be seen around does your ex call to find out if all is well with you? Either of these will tell you that the feelings are mutual.

Your ex is concerned for you
When your ex shows feelings of concern for you then you will know that their feelings are mutual. Your ex enquires about you either directly or through friends. They just want to know that you are fine because the feelings are mutual.

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No breakup is smooth and if yours too was a bit messy then that is the way it happens to the rest of the world. However, your ex is now dating someone and looks happy but you are confused as he/she continues to talk to you. You had expected that your ex cut ties totally and that has not happened. Here is why your ex is still talking to you.

Your ex is great person
The fact that your ex has not let the hurt and pain of the breakup affect their thinking is proof how good a person your ex was. He/she was a great person and you let go of such a gem. It is quite possible that your ex does not like you but does not hate you either.

Your ex still has feelings for you
It is also possible that your ex is dating on the rebound and is doing so to prove you a point that if you don't care for them others still find them attractive. Your ex still has feelings for you and is waiting for you to respond.

You are too good to be ignored
Your ex realizes that you are good person and does not want to burn all the bridges. Give your ex some time and their intentions will become clear.

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Your ex cant move on
Your ex is seeing someone but is not able to get over the past. He/she is unable to make a clear and clean break and is therefore still talking to you. This confusion is normal and you should wait for sometime so that things become clear. Don't jump the gun and ask for reunion.

You are still single
Your ex is feeling guilty that although they have moved on and are dating someone else you are still single. This has increased their respect for you and therefore they are still talking to you. You can test their feelings for you by beginning casual dating. If he/she does not feel bad or does not show any signs of being upset then it means they like you only as a friend.

You are far better than their current date
Since your ex is dating someone else they are bound to make comparisons with you and they find that you are far better than their current date and hence they are still talking to you. You still need to give them some time and hope for the best.

Your ex is weighing the options
Maybe your ex wants to come back to you but is waiting for you to take the initiative. The best way forward for you will be to begin light flirting with your ex. If you do get a positive response then go ahead and woo him/her actively.

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It appears you're all tense and anxious about whether to talk to an ex boyfriend or how to talk to him. Well he's someone you knew once upon a time so there's no need to hesitate and worry. These guidelines would help you talk to an ex boyfriend.

Just don't show any desperation
Do not show any desperation or send out any indications that you're getting desperate to talk to him. Be around though in a very casual manner and talk to him as though there has been nothing really wrong between the two of you.

Stay where you are if he walks up
Staying just where you are when he happens to walk up to you, may be a signal from him too that he'd like to talk casually with you. The talk definitely should not be about your break up or what your misunderstanding was about.

General conversation
The conversation between you should be very general or about goings on in your lives. Try not to touch very personal or sensitive issues, but you could show concern about professional well being on either side and about the family in general.

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Be comfortable and at ease
You should attempt to be comfortable and at ease and make your ex boyfriend too feel comfortable in being around with you. Once you both begin to relax and talk and laugh it will improve things between you. It will perhaps encourage you both to talk things out.

Call him the next time
If you both had been comfortable in each other's company the last time then it would be in perfect order to call your ex boyfriend and find out how he is. Let some time go by between this call and the last time you had spoken. It might renew the sparks.

Invite him for a celebration
You could be having a get together to celebrate a birthday or some other occasion so go ahead and invite your ex boyfriend for it. If he too has the intention of repairing issues between you both, then he will accept and come by. You both would tide over the tension fast.

You could now talk things over
Now that you both have reached a level of comfort and friendliness again, it will be easier for you to talk things over about getting back together. And if you find that he is already over the problem and behaves as though nothing was amiss between you, then forget everything and resume your relationship as earlier.

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