Jobs in the banking sector have become one of the most preferred for many graduates and Postgraduates. Every year thousands of jobs are opened by banks and banking Institutions. Similarly, these sectors also receive lakhs of applications every year for the posts.

Banking sector recruitment is mainly done through IBPS.
IBPS is an exam conducting body that conducts separate bank exams for SBI and all the other Public sectors banks of the country. The recruitment scenario is clearly divided into SBI and other public sector banks. Students are often confused about which clerical profile to choose, hence let us see the pros and cons of IBPS Clerk and SBI Clerk. Before we decide which clerical post is the best, let's see the features and benefits available in both the posts.

Let's see the benefits, pros, and cons of being an IBPS Clerk:
• Educational Qualification: Required qualification is broadly the same in both the cases of SBI and IBPS, however, IBPS requires additional knowledge of computers. Working knowledge in computers or a certificate in computer networks or someone who has studied computers as one of the subjects in high school is preferred.
• Salary: The basic salary and other allowances are same as SBI, however since the PSBs are bound by government rules and regulations, there are small differences in terms of allowances received.
• Work Load or work pressure: Compared to the SBI Clerks, the work pressure is lesser for IBPS Clerks. They have fixed working hours and they are assigned time oriented tasks. Initially, they have more work, but they get used to the usual work and them manage time. Sometime, the work pressure may vary according to the place of posting but still lesser compared to an SBI clerk.
• Social Status: PSBs clerks are no lesser than SBI in terms of social status and name, however, the brand name of SBI always stands at the top order.
• Promotions: All of the PSB banks follow the same kind of promotion policy, however, SBI follows a different method as it is governed by a separate SBI Act.
• Postings and transfers: As compared to SBI, getting posting near home is easier with PSB’s because of the lesser numbers of branches.

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Let s see the benefits of being an SBI Clerk:
• Educational Qualification: Graduate in any discipline or equivalent qualification.
• Salary: One of the important criteria that everyone looks into when choosing a career. Banking jobs never disappoint an aspirant in terms of pay. The salary package is almost the same for SBI and other IBPS clerical posts, however, for the higher posts like officer grade, SBI offers more increments as compared to other PSBs.
• Other Perks and Allowance: SBI offers exciting allowances to its employees. Some of they include petrol allowance, travel, looks great etc. Even though other PSBs have an allowance, but comparatively lesser than SBI.
• Workload or work pressure: Because of a huge customer base and a number of branches, the work pressure in SBI is more than any other PSB. Irrespective of the location, branch, the work pressure, and the load is higher than any PSBs.The work is assigned on a daily basis and it increases with time.
• Promotions: The promotion policy of SBI is the best in the industry. They are required to clear internal exams for every promotion and based on the eligibility criteria, they can reach heights and thereby improve their job profile.
• Status: There is a sense of pride to introduce themselves as working in the SBI. There is a special status that one gets if he/she is working in the SBI.
• Transfers and posting: The one problem regarding SB is their transfers and postings. Since there are numerous SBI branches in every small cities and town, there are every chances that one can get posted to any remote/ rural branch. In a way, it has helped people who want postings in their village or hometown due to the presence of SBI Branches everywhere.

Take SBI Clerk mock test series to know its exam pattern -

The above comparison helps us to understand the major difference between the two and thereby allowing the candidate to make the right choice.

IBPS clerk jobs are suitable for candidates who prefer a job with a decent salary, less work pressure, and responsibility, while SBI Clerk jobs are suitable for aspirants looking or challenging work environment, who a handle work pressure and one who wants to earn more and grow in their career.

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