Making your ex jealous might seem like the logical thing to do right now to make them feel the pain that you have gone through after your break up but you must exercise caution. Although you may feel as if you want nothing more than to win your ex back, you must be extremely careful how you make use of the jealously tactic.

Break ups are rarely final, how many couples do you know that have broken up, only to get back together and be happier than ever? Break ups can be a shattering warning call from your ex that your relationship must change immediately if it has any chance to survive, making your ex jealous can kill your chances fast! Keep this in mind.

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Making your ex jealous can spark feelings inside your ex as they see and hear about you with other people, whether this is friendly conversation or apparent dates with the opposite sex, making your ex jealous can backfire fast.

If your goal is to win your ex back you must avoid this approach, although it can be very effective the odds are that your ex will be mad seeing you with other people so early after your break up and only confirm in their mind they made the right decision leaving you. Making your ex jealous is simply too risky!

The most effective method to make your ex rethink your break up is to accept the break up and understand what lead to the break down of your relationship. Simply asking your ex to take you back or making empty promises that thing will be "different this time" will do little to make your ex want to take you back.

Be mature, keep a level head, but more importantly understand that manipulation, using guilt or other shady tactics may work but will do more harm than good in the long run. Have a mature conversation with your ex, tell them what you would change and why, get them to open up and be honest, this is where reuniting can commence.

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So you want to make your ex jealous enough to want you back desperately! No one is going to blame you for that. There are plenty of ways you can make him burn with jealousy and crawl back to you. Here are some enticing ways you can get him back by making him extremely jealous.

Make him see that you are looking better than ever
He might not expect you to look even better than you did when he first fell in love with you. It might be a little difficult to achieve this, but not impossible! Look exciting, sexy and in shape! Even if you have to invest a lot of time and money into looking like his dream woman - it will be worth it just to see his face when you turn up looking like this on the arm of another guy!

Let him notice that you have adoring admirers
Let him know through your actions and behavior that even if he did not think you were attractive anymore, there are plenty of guys out there who think different! The trick is to let him see you surrounded by plenty of admiring males. He will begin to hate it and get very jealous to think of them around you.

Pretend that you are enjoying being "single" again
Make him jealous by looking thrilled to be single again. Paint the town red and be seen in the company of gorgeous hunks! The more he sees you looking happy and extremely popular with all the guys - the more jealous he will feel. He will also begin to regret breaking up with you.

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Make him suspect the fact that you are dating another guy
If your ex thinks that you have actually moved on and are dating another guy, he will feel jealous and start to resent the fact. The more he sees you looking happy and unaware of his existence the more likely is he to start imagining things about you. His imagination will run riot and he will think that you are completely out of his grasp!

Arrange to get calls when he is present
The sight of you talking in hushed whispers for hours on end on the phone to some "mystery" caller, looking coy, blushing and giggling etc will turn him jealous as hell! He will become curious about you and may even start to make discreet enquiries as to whether you are seeing someone.

Get a close friend to send you flowers and gifts
In the same manner, it would really make him green with jealousy to see you receive flowers and gifts from an admirer. If you cannot manipulate circumstances so that he is around when you get them you could always talk about it in his hearing and make him wonder who in the world is sending you romantic gifts!

Talk about the fantastic weekend you spent away from town
If you want to see your ex squirm with jealousy, all you have to do is talk about the fabulous time you had during the weekend. Flash a couple of air tickets and say things like "I can't wait for the weekend" or "Guess where I'm going?" and watch him get mad!

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Only when your ex girlfriend realizes that you are having lots of fun after the breakup will she ever begin to question her decision to quit from the relationship with you. If you are not sure how to go about making her green with envy then read on and find out the exact sequence you need to follow.

Remain unaffected
Soon after the breakup you will have to pick up the pieces and begin a normal routine. You should not look distressed or depressed about the breakup. In fact look like a relieved man.

Don't show any interest in your ex girlfriend
Whenever you see her or whenever she bumps into you take no interest in her. A nod of the head to acknowledge and a faint smile is all she should get from you. This will surely confuse her.

Start hanging with gorgeous babes
Make friends with good looking chicks and start hanging out with them. Make sure your ex girlfriend sees you with them. Whenever she is around joke and laugh loudly as if you are having a ball with your new friends.

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Press the green button
To make her jealous get close to one of the girls from your new group. Be seen with this new friend of yours and make sure that you look and act like a couple. This will make her green and she will assume that you are having an affair with this dame.

Spread rumors that you are getting serious
Subtly let her know that you are getting serious with this new girlfriend. The best way is to discuss this new girl with your common friends and soon enough the news will travel to her. Tell your common friends that you find this new girl fascinating and would likely take the next step and commit to her.

Get serious with the other girl
Now is the time to tighten the screws. This should be done without making it obvious to the world and to your ex girlfriend. Attend parties where your ex is present with this girl on your arm. Get physically close to the new girlfriend and let your ex notice you doing so. However, don't make any commitment to your new friend.

Take off on a holiday
To further rub it in takeoff on a small holiday with this new girlfriend. Only tell your common friends that you are going on a vacation. This news will reach your ex girlfriend like lightening and she will start making plans to snatch you back from this new girlfriend of yours.

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Even when the relationship ends, feelings and emotions do not just disappear and you realize that you still love your ex. However, if you want your ex back you have to show them that you still love them, this is not going to happen in a single step but is a gradual process where you need to invest lot of time to convince them that what you had was special.

Be patient and move slowly
If the relationship has just ended it is important to move slowly and have loads of patience. Give each other chance to sort out your feelings and gradually through your actions subtly let your ex know that you still care for them.

Wait for the right time
Mending the relationship and letting your ex know that you still love them has to be done at right time and when situations are right. Let some time elapse before you reach out to let your feelings known to them.

Show yourself in positive light
Find out where your ex is likely to be and make a point to be there, smile at him/her, make eye contact and let them see that you are happy to see them. Conduct yourself with dignity and show that you are dealing well with the break up; it sends positive signals to your ex when you do not appear needy or vulnerable.

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Don't be shy to show your emotions
Emotions and feeling do not disappear or fade when the relationship fails, show your ex that you still have feelings for them. Do not be shy of letting them know that you still love them through your subtle actions, they will catch on if they care for you.

Communicate with your ex
Most of you may maintain contact with your ex and have become friends, use this opportunity to talk of the great fun times you had and let them know that you still find them attractive or whatever that is you feel for them.

Gain your ex's respect
Live your life to the fullest, respect yourself and let your ex see you as a responsible and independent person not depending on anyone for their happiness. Your ex will respect you and value you as a person and this is one big leap for you as you can put across your message effectively.

Your patience will reward you favorably
With time, as you spend more time with your ex, you can be open and tell them how much you love them. It could be that your feelings will be reciprocated and you will have a great new relationship with your ex.

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