Should I marry my boyfriend? You know that I am unsure about this for lots of reasons. Have dated guys before and it always starts to get boring after a year or so. But I do not want to be single and John is telling me that if I do not marry him and settle down and have children with him he will move on and find someone else. He is sure that I am the one for him. I feel nothing special about him at all. He is nice, he is kind, good fun, not bad at sex, but nothing really sparkly there. If I turn him down I will be back to being single and back to the dating game, going out with guys who bore me to tears at the start or who I am bored with after about a year. Have wasted enough time on that!

My mum said it is best that I marry John, others think I should stay single or wait for someone else. In the end I wrote to this good psychic medium reader who specialises in relationships. She worked out my numerology chart and John's and compared them. It gave me a much bigger and fuller picture of what I should be doing. Now I know that John is needy I can take more control over how things pan out. Not having to fall in with his wishes all of the time.

For the next year I will date him, making up excuses along the way to plan a future together later. A year will soon pass and then we can talk about it again. Who knows,I might think that after being with him that long it is a good idea. But it has to be my idea not his, or I will always resent him for feeling forced into it. When I see John later I will tell him that I am warming to the idea - which is not untrue - and that I need time to get my head around how exciting and wonderful it is - which is another way of saying the truth without lying. If he is alright with that, and I think he will be, we can carry on dating and stuff.

Sometimes after a year or so of seeing someone they start to show their real feelings and show their true colours, there might be a side to him that I am not aware of yet. Right now I FEEL that him being needy is the worst it can get, and it could be far far worse.

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