So, you are at a crossroad right now! Should you scrap your old car or get it repaired? This is a grave decision to make. We know you love your car a lot regardless of the fact that it has turned quite old now and can't even work properly. But you just can't ignore the fact that scrapping it can be a good decision too. So, are we confusing you more? Then let's try to solve this dilemma as easily as we can today by considering the pros and cons.

Scrapping your car or fixing it -- what’s better?

Well, let’s resolve this issue today by reading the following pointers:

1. Repair and maintenance costs — Let's answer some crucial questions! How much did you spend during the last repair session of your car? And how long did your car run successfully after investing so much money to make it run? And are the expenditures worthy of the services you got from your car? Was it wise to give away so much money for treating it when you can actually get rid of it and buy a new vehicle? Your answer to the dilemma lies in the answers to these questions. Also, don’t forget to calculate your maintenance cost to keep your run-down vehicle. We are sure scrapping would be the best idea if the expenses are too much to keep the beast running on the road (and not parked in your garage all the time!). If not, then consider fixing it.

2. The insurance support — If you are thinking of fixing your car because of the insurance support, then it’s actually a great idea! Why scrap your precious vehicle when you can actually get it fixed nicely because of the insurance you have procured for it?

3. The current value of your car — Another essential point to consider when thinking of scrapping your car or opting to fix it! Calculate its current value and check if it still holds good value and would continue to do so for some more good months. And if not, no matter if it’s an Audi or Toyota wreckers in Sydney like Sydney Cash4 Cars are always ready to pay you a good sum against it. They’ll offer you the best deal in exchange for the vehicle even though it isn’t worth even a paltry few thousand in the car reselling market.

4. Your choice — If you intend to buy a new car soon, then it’s better to save the pain of repairing your old one and give your car for scrapping. And if you aren’t looking for a new car right now, then it would be better if you try repairing it.

Well, we did our best to solve the dilemma -- now the decision lies with you. carefully study all the pointers and take your final call of scrapping your car or not.

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