Should I Talk To My Ex: How Long Should I Wait To Contact My Ex After A Breakup

Should I call my ex again if he or she is not answering my phone call? Well, this is perhaps a question that many people have in their mind.

Well, the answer is usually no. This is especially true if you have only broken up recently with your ex.

Why is that so? Why shouldn't you be calling your ex just after a break up?

Well, if you have just broken up with your ex, chances are you will be feeling extremely emotional now. At this state of mind, you will not have the ability to think clearly about what you really want. Therefore, it will not be a good idea to call your ex at this moment. In fact, it is probably better if you give yourself sometime to recover emotionally and mentally.

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If you have already been calling your ex and your ex is not answering your phone calls, then you should not call him or her again so soon. Instead, you want to wait for a while first before you start calling your ex again.

It is never a good idea to call your ex over and over again. You do not want to give your ex the impression that you are very desperate. Calling your ex over and over again is going to give your ex that kind of impression. This is definitely not helpful to you in winning your ex back.

Also, if you have just broken up, chances are your ex will also need some space. You should give your ex the space and time as well. Chances are your ex may also be feeling very emotional now and just don't feel ready to talk to you yet.

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Once you have been through a breakup, talking does not seem like it can be possible. There are a variety of emotions you are feeling. Once the first conversation comes around, you may feel awkward and very uncomfortable. You don't have to feel this way, you can actually have a conversation with your ex very easily. There are many ways to start a conversation that can be less stressful.

Be Sincere
If you cannot hold a conversation and be nice, than do not have one. Though you can pretend to smile and be happy, you may not be able to avoid being rude. Give yourself some time to calm down, than continue on to holding a conversation with your ex.

Say Hello
You don't need to go into a rant when you have your first conversation. Give a simple hello and smile. Once you get past that step, if you feel comfortable you can continue the conversation. The most important thing to get past is that moment of when the conversation first starts.

Give Compliments
Once you get past the difficult conversation starter, give your ex a compliment. This will lighten the mood. It can be about anything such as clothing, or appearance. You don't need to give a ton of compliments. Just be polite.

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Pick a Topic
This should not be anything too personal or anything that involves the past. You can talk about events, movies, school, or work. Keep it simple and quick so you don't find yourself in a strange silence. Try to avoid any topic that is too personal, so you can avoid feeling stressed.

Accidentally Call
Though you know that you did not dial your ex's number by accident, pretend that you did. When they answer play it off as if you did not mean to call. Attempt to keep them on the line by asking what they are up to. This will make it easier to talk in person.

Use Social Networks
Jump on your MySpace, Facebook, or any other social networks. If they are logged on, chat with them. It is so much simpler to communicate through the internet because there is a sense of comfort. It can be difficult to communicate face to face at first.

Take a deep breath, set your mind into relax mode. It will be difficult to have a conversation with an ex, but over time it will be much easier. If you allow yourself to get worked up, it will make the process more difficult on you both.

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Start Where It Counts
Of course, nothing can be properly reassembled without starting at the foundation. Since the best place to begin is at the beginning, take some time to start where it counts - with you. Spend a bit of time on yourself, stay healthy and rested, distressed and well cared for (this doesn't mean be indulgent or selfish, just healthy and emotionally secure). It gives you more to give.

Concentrate, Keep Steady, and Focus
These are techniques are sure to make you more successful in any venture you find yourself pursuing, and that includes, of course, getting your ex back. If you concentrate your efforts, are consistent and reliable (will be seen as trustworthy and believable), and stay focused until your ex is back in your arms, then, well, that's exactly what will happen.

Do Your Best
An old, tired, and worn out cliché, perhaps, but true enough. Strive to do your best in everything you do, and you will polish your natural talents, and shine with truth and splendor as your ex has never seen you shine.

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Be Honest
Whatever you do - don't fib - not even a tiny little white lie (whatever those are). A lie is a lie, so just don't do it, especially when you are attempting to reestablish trust and build a solid foundation (again) for your relationship. Don't spoil your own pot, and just be honest. Yes, even if it hurts.

Flattery Will Get You Everything
Being honest doesn't mean that you can't be flattering. There are so many positive attributes that attracted you to your ex in the first place (right?) and many, if not all of them, can still be found. Isn't that why you want them back? Just present the positive things in a flattering manner - placing emphasis on good emotion. You may be surprised how far flattery takes you.

Be Available
This should go without saying, but if you're not available, you're ex will certainly not come back. Why bother coming back if you're a ghost or never engaged in conversation or sharing moments? People form relationships because they are tired of being alone. So make yourself available to your ex. And not just physically - even more importantly - emotionally.

Don't just sit there and traipse off in your head as your ex drones on and on about this, that, the other, and the kitchen sick that came with it = listen. Pay attention. Be involved. Give your ex proper attention. It will make them feel special, and that's a feeling nearly impossible not to come back to!

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Many times people think that only women are the ones that play mind games. This is far from the truth, as men also will play mind games. Men will play mind games in order to tell if a woman will actually care. Though communication is the best way to see if someone still cares, sometimes many men do not know how to go about this. There are many ways to find out if you have an ex that is indeed playing mind games to see if you still care.

He May Try to Make You Jealous
Does he claim to be dating other women? Or possibly he brings new women around you in order for you to see them together. This is his way of attempting to make you jealous. He wants you to get worked up, as well as see if you care that he is with someone new.

He Ignores You
If you both are in a room together, he ignores you. He may act as if you are not even there. Instead of talking to you, he will choose to talk to any other woman he possibly can. While doing this, he makes sure that you are watching. He wants to make you jealous.

He Claims That He Moved On
Though he knows this is not true, he still will pretend it is. Instead of treating you nicely, he will be rude. This is to try to make you think he actually has moved on. Pay attention to his signals. If he still is passing glances your way, he may just be pretending to have moved on.

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He Makes No Attempt to Communicate
Though he may have stayed in touch with you before, communication has come to a stop. He no longer calls, or emails. Though this could mean he wants to move on, he could also be trying to leave you curious as to what he is up to.

You No Longer See Him Around
He really wants you to think about him and begin to miss him. He will accomplish this by staying out of your site. Once you begin to wonder where he is, you might go to his friends to find out. This will show him if you still have feelings for him.

He may start bringing up memories or doing things he used to in the past. This could mean anything from the type of cologne he wore, or even an old shirt that you wore together to match. He is looking to see what type of reaction you will have, to see if you still care.

He Knows You Quite Well
Since you were together and once close, he might use your expressions to see if you still care. It may be from your smile, laugh, or even the movements you make. This is an advantage to him, because he can tell how you are really feeling about him.

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