Should I Visit My Ex: Should I Go See My Ex

You've probably heard the advice that you shouldn't constantly call or message your ex just after a break up. The cool down period is always recommended and taking a break from your ex is very important even if you're unsure whether you want them back or not. There comes a time in your planning where you have to talk to them eventually right? You're going to have to make contact somehow, so how exactly do you go about doing this?

Talking to your ex should only happen after a break that you are able to reflect on the relationship and where the relationship went wrong. This isolation will help you get your own things straight so you know exactly where you stand. Once you've done all that and feel you're ready to pursue your ex you need to do it in the proper way.

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Being full of emotions during your first contact with your ex is a bad idea at this stage. You will probably still be hurting a lot after the break up and your ex is surely going through the same feelings. Their first impression from being hit with all these emotions and type of talk is panic, stress, and anxiety. The possibility of losing your ex forever is too high to task this risk.

Due to this real possibility your first communication with your ex should be on the easy side. Small talk. You should stay away from relationship talk at this point. simply break the ice and not try to ix the relationship on this initial meeting. Rebuilding what you had will be slow, so you need to accept that it won't happen overnight and take some real commitment to doing it, yet take it slow. If you think you're ready for first contact the recommended ways are a phone call, a short email, or a text message. Hold off meeting in person for now.

Since you don't want to drive your ex away again with relationship type of talk keep the messages friendly, cordial, and easy going. The purpose of this is to have them be aware of your presence and want to be in their life again. This is work from the ground up, so you're going to be approaching this like you were courting them all over again, from a friend back into your significant other. If you move too quickly, then you risk losing them again.

If the first contact is successful gradually improve what you're doing over time. You're on the right track and eventually you'll find yourself spending more and more time with them. This is where you are able to connect with them again and finally get them back. At this point it's in your hands what you do.

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If you don't know how to manipulate the circumstances in order to get your ex to come back to you, then you will find these tips extremely helpful and exciting. Every woman who is trying to get back with her ex should realize that she has a good chance of being successful if she does not give up hope!

Be aloof and look extremely happy to be single
Don't look like the world has come to an end. You don't have to follow him around and beg him to get back with you. Instead you should act aloof and pretend that you don't care! Look like you are thrilled to be single again and make sure he sees you socializing with new friends.

Earn the support of his friends and family
It will really help if you make sure that you are still friends with his friends and still have the love and respect of his family. This way, all the people closest to him will only have good things to say about you. You cannot lose when you have such a fan club extolling your virtues! He is bound to wonder if he made a mistake breaking up with you.

Don't criticize him at all
To be able to keep a good reputation and be admired by one and all you should be able to put a bridle over your mouth and be careful that you don't come across as a complaining and disgruntled woman who is always criticizing and bad-mouthing her ex! If you have just good things to say about him, he is sure to hear about it and like you all the more for it!

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Keep the past where it belongs - in the past
The surest way of forging ahead and making something beautiful of your life is to forget the bad part of your past. Don't keep bringing it up every time you meet him. This will only serve to make him either feel guilty or angry at you for making him remember the hurt. Show him that you have forgiven and forgotten!

Project a more mature and attractive image
You know that it takes two hands to clap and you were partly to blame for the breakup. If you have worked hard to make positive changes in your behavior and attitude you are sure to project a mature and more attractive image that he will automatically be drawn to.

Look like he always wanted you to
Think back and remember how he always wanted you to dress, look and do. This is the time to become the person he wanted you to be. Make him notice you wearing the style that could turn him on in an instant, do exciting things that he thought you would never have the courage to do, and look as sexually appealing as ever!

Don't give in too easily - ignite the passion
You will need to have a lot of discipline and patience when it comes to getting your ex back. Make sure you are always in his line of vision and that he can't take his eyes off you! Be subtle in your actions, words and gestures so that he is longing to have you succumb and get back with him.

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You hate the thought of your ex getting along fine without you so you want him to get curious about you and wonder what you are up to! This, you hope will jog his memory and make him want you all over again. There are plenty of ways to make him very inquisitive about you and these tips will make sure that he will try to find out details about you as soon as possible.

Ignore him to a point where he begins to think that you forgot him
He knows how cut up you were when he broke up with you and expects you to still be in mourning. Well, this is where you prove him wrong. Ignore him completely. Stop calling him and asking him pitifully whether he is ok. Avoid him and make him wonder where you have gone to! After a while of dropping out from the scene, he is bound to get curious about you.

Pay more attention to his friends and be nice to his folk
Even while you don't speak to him anymore or try to bump into him, make sure you still are in touch with his friends and family. Call them up once in a while and make sure you are polite, warm and friendly so that they still think you are a great girl. It helps to have them on your side and they will have only good things to tell him about you.

Pretend that you have moved on and gotten over him
The best way to make him burn with curiosity is to be seen with other guys. If you give him the impression that you have moved on and are determined to have a happy life, he is sure to become curious as to what made the difference! Sooner or later you will find him trying to get in touch with you.

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Date a gorgeous guy and make sure your ex sees!
As long as you are in the company of many new friends, it won't really matter to him if they are guys or girls. The moment he notices you going out with a particular guy more than once, he will start to become curious and wonder if you are dating him. This might make him a little jealous and he might want you back.

Look extremely busy with exciting things to do
The fact that you don't call him anymore will make him wonder if you have forgotten him and moved on or whether you are ignoring him for a particular reason. Either way, he will become curious and will want to know what is keeping you away. Look busy with plenty of exciting activities and he will be even more curious about the change in you.

Look happy and satisfied with life
Some deep, sadistic part of every ex is to want his ex to be miserable without him. He will never admit it but he does not want her to be happy without him. This is why you should look happy, contented and satisfied with your life. This will make him wonder as to how you got over him so quickly and will try to reverse the situation and get back with you.

Don't try to find out what he is doing
It is more than possible that your ex will want you to be curious about him too. You should keep away and act aloof and disinterested in what he is doing. Never mind if he tries to flaunt his latest girlfriend or get you to notice that he has plenty of new friends. All this proves that he is out to impress you. Keep away and he will get curious about you as well.

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When the relationship fails you think you are the only one who is suffering and feeling the emotional upheaval, but you have to consider that your partner too had invested his/her emotions in the relationship and that they too must be hurting. How would you know if your ex wishes to make up with you, read on to get clued in.

Your ex takes initiative to reach out
If your ex takes the initiative to reach out to you either directly or through mutual friends or a family member, you can safely think that he/she wants to make up with you. They may try to call you or send a message across through a friend to let you know their feelings.

Are sincere in their efforts
Your ex will make a sincere effort to undo the wrongs which they believe happened due to them that might have hurt you or disappointed you in the past. They want to explain to you what went wrong and hope to clear the issues before going forward.

Do things to be near you
Their actions show their intentions; they will hang out at places you frequent, send your regular emails or text messages just to feel closer to you. If you happen to be in same party, they will try to be physically closer to you and find excuses to touch you the same way they used to when you were together.

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They show their concern
Your ex shows concern for you and wants to know what is happening in your life it shows he/she has been thinking about you and wants to make up with you. It shows that they care about your wellbeing and want to be there to support you if needed.

Does your ex refer to future
If your ex talks about the future with you in it then he/she wants to be with you and is hoping that you reciprocate their feelings. When they are, say, talking about five years down the line and you appear to be in their scheme of things it means that your ex is ready to make up with you.

Makes effort to take up same interests as you
Your ex is trying to learn or get acquainted with the hobbies and interests that you indulge in which shows his/her renewed interest in you as they want you back in their life.

They act positively
Your ex acts to make sure that the issues or problems that led to the breakup no longer exist. This shows their positivity in making things work the second time around.

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