After a break up sometimes it's hard to get readjusted to single life. If you're not thinking about what happened and why, and all that went wrong, you may find yourself drifting off into spaces of loneliness and despair and wondering if you should just go ahead a wait for your ex to come back to you. Here are some reasons why you should, and a few why you shouldn't.

It's Your Time, Spend It How You Please
Really, that's true. It is your life, and your time, and you should be able to spend it however, you choose to do so. Be careful about allowing others advice to rule your own heart and mind - they are not you, and can't make important decisions for you. If you feel you should wait, then wait. If not, then don't. And if you can't decide, that's okay too. Your indecision wont last long.

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Waiting Gives Character, And Shows Dedication
Waiting can be used as a time of personal reflection, meditation, and exploring new theories or philosophies, you have about - well, whatever you are interested in, really. You can also use your waiting time as a sort of meditation to think about absolutely nothing, and just get reacquainted with yourself, as a single entity.

Patience and Persistence Are Best Honed by Practice
Everything gets easier (and usually improves) with practice, and this can be extended to the wonderful virtues of patience and persistence as well. And these are traits that will help you with all aspects of your life - not just in interpersonal relationships - so there's an added bonus to developing these skills.

Time Proves All Things
Nothing is more tell-tale than time. Time will tell all - eventually. If you are patient and wait, you will see the true nature of things. Your ex may come back, sure; and you may live happily ever after from that point on. Or, you may find that you don't miss them a bit after a while, too.
Either way, time will tell.

Life Is Short, Don't Waste It
You only have one life. And considering the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by, it may behoove you to not waste your time waiting around anymore than you absolutely have to. So if you don't absolutely have to have your ex back (if you won't die without them), you may just be better off shrugging them off, and not wasting a day more.

We Already Wait Enough In Life
Another thing to consider before you waste weeks, months, or years waiting for your ex to come back to you is the time that you spend waiting for other things in your life - waiting in line, waiting for the weekend, waiting for that raise or end-of-the-year bonus check, waiting for that dreadful meeting to finally come to an end, etc! Just, choose your battles (or your waits) wisely.

Waiting For Something Can Cause Missed Opportunity
Be careful in your wait, as waiting around for someone to come back to you doesn't leave you emotionally open to other opportunities that may be the best thing in your life to have come along. You can't be unavailable forever, unless you're willing to take the chance of being alone forever.

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Show that you have got over the break up
A great way is to convincingly show your ex that you have gotten over the break up and have moved on. Keep your grief private and let him/her see you going about your life in a positive way. This will be a sure shocker for your ex as they are still coming to terms with the break up and your attitude surprises them.

Show that you are not affected
Make your ex aware that you are not affected and show that you don't care and about him/her. A little tact is required here as your ex should not get the feeling that you are being too clinical and think of calling it quits, it might just back fire on you.

Remain composed
It is difficult to show outward calm when you are going through emotional upheaval. If you can pretend that you are at peace and happy, your ex will want to know why? Is there someone else; these thoughts will gnaw them and they won't want to loose you to someone else.

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Disappear for some time
It is a good idea to take a break and do a disappearing act to make your ex curious about you. This gives you both an opportunity to sort out your feelings and plan on the next move. You can hope that they start missing you; this works well for you and you can hope to reconnect with your ex again.

Show them what they are missing
Let your ex feel that they are missing all the excitement and fun by not being with you. Let them see that you are doing the same things as before, only without them, and that others are enjoying being in your company. Your ex will crawl back to you in no time as they do not want to miss all fun that comes by being with you.

Your friends can tell what's happening in your life
Sure, your ex is curious and your friends can do the job of filling them with details of what's happening in your life. Once your ex realizes that they don't want to let you go, they will come back to you.

Trigger his/her sense of jealousy
Make your ex jealous by going out with a member of opposite sex, flirt subtly in front of your ex. Just making them a little insecure to push them into coming back to you is what is required.

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Men often use mind games to find out if a women is interested or not. If your ex still cares for you and want to know if you feel the same, he may resort to mind games to see if you care.

Your ex tries to make you jealous
This is the most obvious and common mind game that men play to gauge your feelings and reaction. You may find them with a new chick every time you see them, be sure they are doing this to show that they can get what they want but deep down they want to instigate you to react so that they know if you care.

He may get you nostalgic
In an effort to find out if you still care your ex may try to get you think about the good times spent together and see the way you react. He may wear a color you particularly liked and wait for your reaction, anything which may give away your feelings.

He calls you and then gets busy
It is a very common strategy men use all over; he will make you wait forever till he finishes whatever that was so important. Your response, if you are patient and understanding, or just skip the call will give him his answer.

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He ignores you completely
If your ex ignores you when you are in a crowded place and talks to everyone in sight but you, he is trying to affect you and make you angry. He talks to other women but is checking to make sure you notice this; all these are games to get to know your reaction.

He becomes distant
If you see a change in your ex's behavior and suddenly find him distant and preoccupied, it could all be a ruse to get your attention. He might want you to think that he is over you to make you feel insecure.

He just disappears from the scene
Why would he do that if he wants to know how you feel? He is staying away to see if you miss his presence and whether or not you enquire about him. If you are bothered about his absence and ask his friends about his whereabouts, he is sure that you still care about him.

He showers you with compliments
You find him complimenting you and saying things to make you feel good about yourself. You are confused for sure, and he is trying to see through your confusion if you are pleased or offended by his show of appreciation.

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Being in a breakup isn't easy, and regardless of whose fault it was, there may come a time when your ex is going to send mixed signals. If they are the one that broke up with you, you're probably wondering why they are doing this, and what exactly the purpose is. Do they want you back? Here are a few clues to know if they are still into you.

Still Calling You
Maybe you've noticed that your ex has been calling and even texting you more than usual. Maybe out of the blue they started. What are they saying and what do they want? Are they genuine about being with you, and before you answer that question, what was the reason of the breakup?

Talking to Friends
If you get word that your ex is talking about you and trying to find out everything about you again, this can be a sign that either they want to keep tabs on you, or that they are trying to get back together with you.

Wanting to See You
Now, in a lot of cases, this just takes things a little out of everyone's comfort zone. If your ex is trying to see you, this is definitely not anything good. Think about how the other person would feel if they found out. If you want them back it's hard to say no, but you have to.

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Getting Jealous
Getting jealous can be charming to a point, and if you're still having feelings for your ex, this may come across as either being too possessive or plain out nice. But ask yourself, if he is with someone else, why does he want you back?

Playing Mind Games
The sick part of it all is that if they are playing mind games, it can take a toll on you and by the time you realize what has just happened, you may already be facing being hurt again from them. They may just want to see how much you care for them still and then laugh about it later with friends.

Don't Waste Your Time
You can either ask your ex what their intentions are, or you can simply ignore them and get on with your life. You may want to simply cut all ties with them if the relationship ended due to something devastating.

Think Objectively
While the mixed signals are anything but easy to understand, see the facts as they are. Your ex has someone else. If he wanted you, would he be with them? It's hard to know for sure. Don't let your ex hurt you for a second time around.

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