Cheating can be the most typical cause of a break up. In reality, more than a few pop idol split ups have been caused by betrayal, even those partners that seem indestructible. It’s not the cheating per se but how the couple deals with the problems surrounding the infidelity that break the marriage. Nobody wants to be treated like a yoyo. If you recognize yoyo diets, then you recognize what yoyo marriages are. You could decide to make up now and then fight over the same issues again tomorrow. Letting go may be final, and it can be brutally painful.

It’s true that cheating men have specific reasons for going through with the infidelity incident. Cheating emotionally could be because of various reasons. The guy may be feeling off because he is insecure of his role as the head of the family. Maybe he hates the fact that he's wasting away the prime of his life and he can't do anything about it. Indiscretion may be the only way he can feel alive again.

Figuring out the brain of the opposite sex may be tiring. You also can't trust him anymore. There may be more to the story than the husband is revealing. The level of trust has gone down and it might be a pain to try and rebuild it too soon after the transgression has happened. Sometimes, only one calls it quits and the other wants to hang on. Maybe it's the lady, but every now and then it's the guy that pulls the plug.

There could still be a lot of good in the relationship to save. The couple needs a third party to mediate their discussions. Couples go to relationship counselors to work on their differences and have someone that can objectively see what is happening give his or her perspective. There are actually times when you become too subjective to make a competent decision about your relationship.

What you want to know is: how to get past infidelity. The reality is that the couple has to take a long break before they can see their marriage objectively. It's not enough to simply say the marriage is not working out. Not every situation calls for destruction of the relationship. But no move can be done if there isn’t any effort to make up. When the man cheats, it’s supposed to be him that will make the first move. But the woman must also do some sort of work to save the relationship. She must also bear in mind what she wants out of the marriage so she can keep herself calm when they have their talk.

The partners inside a marriage should make an effort to grow together. Privately, the man and the woman must grow up, and then they can mature as a couple too. Their marriage should reflect the development they have developed as a couple and as individuals.

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