Should we want free psychic readings by Rosemary Price psychic.

Having worked in this field full time for many years I can honestly say, and this is an informed and educated decision, based on knowledge, that no people should not expect any tarot or clairvoyant readings to be free. Not because it is unfair on the clairvoyant - which is it - but because it backfires on them.

Let us take some examples. You meet a woman in a shop. She tells you she is a clairvoyant and psychic and tells you that she knows this and that about you. Usually very flattering things which you want to believe and agree with. Either that you are very kind and loving, or warm and generous or going to meet the man of your dreams soon, anything that gives you a lift and promises a better life. You eagerly agree with whatever this person tells you because it sounds good and makes you feel cheerful. But you have no proof this woman is really a clairvoyant psychic in the first place. And her so called proof of telling you nice things is hardly going to count. Any person can tell you such things and make it all up as they go along.

She then tells you that if you pay her a lot of money she can remove that nasty curse which is preventing you from whatever happiness you seek etc. You are then supposed to trust her because she gave you a FREE but useless and inaccurate reading to start with??!! You are then tied up in the belief system that you can trust her, she can help you, you should pay her, you may even be scared that if you do not pay her that somehow hurts you later.

Where has this so called free reading got you? Nowhere. It has led to you wasting time, energy, hope and money.

Yet if you go to a reputable, proven, real professional who is too busy helping clients who choose to go to them to wander around streets and shops trying it on with strangers you pay, yes of course you do, they have expenses and they need to live, and they could have been doing some other paid job instead, but you get a far more reliable and honest service which does not lead to wasting a lot more money later or disappointments later.

Very often free sessions are a false economy. And you need to remember that if anyone who claims to be good and offers it at no charge is really any good they would already be very busy with bargain hunters, chancers, opportunists and short sighted people who did not think this through. I know because when I started out doing psychic readings I did them for free. No charge at all. And was soon flooded with so many people wanting to come around, write to me or phone me I never had a second to myself. It is impossible to keep up with demand then.
Until I started to charge I would get some people expecting to speak to me at least once a day, virtually taking over my life as if they owned me. Sometimes they would not even listen properly or take note and then expect to hear the whole thing again tomorrow. Nice for them but no good to a busy person who needs to earn a living and have a life and has other people to help too.

Please check out my credentials here Thank you.

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Rosemary Price, helping people with psychic readings for more than 40 years.