Should you blog? That may be a question you've had but haven't acted upon in part due to possible technical challenges or a shopping list of other reasons! Well the fact is these platforms are relatively easy to maintain so technical challenges are NOT an issue! Perhaps you're simply not motivated enough to start blogging therefore I'm presenting 15 reasons below that may change that!

Passion Outlet

Having a passion about something is a wonderful feeling but being able to share it with like-minded others is even better! Once you start blogging about your passion you've now open the doors to an audience that spans the globe! There's no telling how many interested readers you can attract and their comments will only 'enlighten' you on the subject as your entries do for them!

The Ease

Blogs are very easy to maintain and rarely offer any technical challenges that any novice to the internet can't overcome! If you can use micro-soft or open office to compose a document, then you can blog!

The Cost

Except for the cost of a domain name and website hosting, which can be had for under $10 a month, you can start blogging free of charge!

It's Good For Business

Both individuals as well as large organizations use these platforms for business purposes! Being blogs are so easy to maintain and at such a minimal cost, leveraging their flexibility and effectiveness to make money makes cents!

You Learn to Write

As a blogger you will be writing quite a bit and the good thing about this is the more you write the easier it becomes! Writing is a 'skill' you can improve upon with practice and most bloggers get plenty of this by keeping their sites regularly updated!

You Learn to Listen

Once you start blogging you'll quickly learn the importance of using comments left by visitors to improve your writing and your site! Blogs are meant to offer reading material visitors enjoy viewing and the best way to determine this is to 'listen' closely to what their comments are saying!

You Learn to Communicate

Learning to write starts with learning to communicate your thoughts! Much like writing, the more you 'translate' your thoughts and/or feelings into words the easier it becomes!

Share Your Experience

Everybody has got something they can share that will benefit others! Most bloggers tend to offer their insight or experience when composing updates as do readers when they leave comments! In both cases everybody 'wins' in terms of being 'exposed' to thoughts or ideas they may not have otherwise considered!

Global Audience

Whether you start blogging for business or personal reasons one thing is for sure, the global internet audience will definitely enhance your efforts! Business bloggers now have a much larger 'sales' base they can work with and those who write for personal reasons can build a much larger following as well!

Better Time Management

Although blogs are easy to maintain, creating the content for them does take time! Here too with practice and experience most bloggers learn how to make the best use of the time available to them!

Better Research Skills

As just mentioned above, you'll be creating content quite a bit once you start blogging which will often require research on your part! Remember skills are not the same as talents insofar as you can improve skills with practice whereas a 'talent' is typically something many are born with! Through sheer repetition alone you'll quickly determine strategies and sources that work best for you when developing content as a blogger!

Gives You a Platform

It has been mentioned previously that many start blogging due to a personal passion or business purposes! Well blogs offer you the platform from which to conduct business or to share and exchange ideas with others! The fact that these platforms are easy to maintain only serves to 'sweeten' the deal for bloggers no matter what their motivations!

Reach Goals Easier

No kidding by sharing your goals with readers and charting your progress with them helps keep you motivated! By 'publicly' stating your goals and/or intentions you've now created a 'forum' of support as well as a source that will hold you accountable if you decide to slack off or even abandon the cause! It's amazing how motivated people can be when they're being watched by others!

Hell, You Make Friends!

Sharing your interest with like-minded others and allowing them to share their thoughts creates a bond on different levels! Mutual interest, casual banter and even admiration for shared thoughts, insights and/or knowledge can easily lead to a friendly relationship! Is that all that bad?

It's Just Plain Fun

Once you get comfortable with blogging and you see your followers increasing it gives you a great feeling of satisfaction! Now the 'tension' tends to decrease due to the results you're seeing and your growing familiarity with what to do!

If you're still wondering why should you blog hopefully some of the reasons discussed above will get you started! Not only are blogs easy to maintain but they offer little in terms of technical challenges as well! Although any of the reasons listed above should be strong enough for you to start blogging, the one final obstacle you may face is a lack of motivation! If motivation is a problem for you then start blogging and share your difficulties about getting motivated with your readers! Remember, as discussed above, others can help to motivate you provided you share with them your thoughts and goals! Ultimately the first step is up to you to take, so start blogging to experience some or all of the benefits presented here today!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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