We all love giving and receiving gifts, especially kids. And as the Christmas season gets closer, the little ones get more excited due to the anticipation. However, choosing the perfect gift for the kids is quite hard as you don't know what will make them happy. You can play safe and buy the usual stuff like video games, toys etc. Or you can go grand and get an electric dirt bike for kids.

I know some of you might think this is a bad idea. And I don't blame anyone for having the thought as we usually associate dirt biking with crazy stunts. But if you think rationally, those bikes and the bikes made for kids are completely different.

How different is an electric dirt bike for kids from an adult bike?

Obviously, an electric dirt bike for kids is nothing close to the actual ones. They might look the same and have certain similar qualities but completely different in reality. Let me clarify that for you:

Size & Weight: The bike is quite smaller in size. While the actual models might have a dimension close to 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches or larger. The kiddy models start from 15-16 inch and go slightly bigger for grown-up kids. Plus, smaller size means lesser weight. A 15-16 inch model dirt bike will weigh somewhere between 40-45 pounds. Which is perfect for 14 years old kid.

Smaller engine: The engine is also smaller for such bikes. In the past, there was only gas fueled models available. But now we've got electric dirt bikes. And they are quite popular, as they are silent, efficient and easy to maintain. But what parents want to know, is it safe for kids? And the answer is yes, as these engines aren't anywhere close to adult models when it comes to power.

Speed: Usually, we link bikes with high speed. But parents don't have to loose their sleep over it. As most electric bikes for kids have a top speed of 15 MPH, which is hardly anything to worry about.

Tracks to use on: Parents should be relieved to know that dirt bikes aren't permitted for road use. They can only be used on race tracks and private properties. So, you can relax. As your kids will only ride the bike on the backyard or in the parks. Which reduces the chance of them getting injured significantly if that's something you were thinking about.

Advantages of riding a dirt bike:

As you can see, electric dirt bikes are quite safe. Furthermore, they can offer a lot of great times for your kids to be honest. But besides all that, they can also help their brains and body to develop.

For starter, kids will spend more time outside riding their bike than rather sitting in front of TV watching cartoons or playing games. Now that is something which benefits them both physically and mentally. As riding requires a good eye and hand coordination, great reflex, and a good awareness of the surroundings. Which develops over time thanks to the bike riding.

Plus, their physique will also get better and they will build high endurance level. And all of that will be achieved while they will be having the time of their life.

Hopefully, after reading this, you will feel much better about getting an electric dirt bike for kids. And hopefully, you can find some great ones in your budget here . Just check them out and find out the best option for your kid. And if you've got any more question to ask, then don't feel shy and just ask us.

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