Flat roofs have been a choice of owners for generations; They are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for a variety of architectural styles. However, some of the first and second generation of flat roof houses now require roof maintenance due to water accumulation in some roof areas and the fact that many of the original roofing materials used on these roofs have reached the end of its useful life. Due to technological advances in roofing materials, it is now up to the owner if he wants to call a contractor to perform flat roof repairs or if he wants to carry out roof repairs as a DIY project.

If a decision is made to make the DIY route, they must choose what roofing material they will use. There are various materials available for flat roof repair, but since older homes require replacement of all roofing material, one of the best options is a roofing membrane made of EPDM, a synthetic rubber compound. Available in sealed sheets to fit even the most difficult roofs. Although EPDM is suitable for DIY installation, most owners prefer a contractor as EPDM diaphragm plates are much easier to handle when contracting equipment is used instead of a single person. Use of contractors is also preferred due to the fact that the installation will take much less time and cause minimal disruption to the house. The EPDM flat roof membrane is also the preferred material for many contractors when repairing these roofs because it is available in different thicknesses, making it ideal for use in both commercial buildings and shared homes. It is extremely resistant to UV rays. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

The use of plate membranes solves one of the most important problems associated with these roofs and how to handle pools of stagnant water. Newer membranes have superior water resistance to older membranes and are also significantly more durable.

If durability is a problem, the owner should consider installing flat metal roofs constructed of copper or tin. These are metal sheets that are welded together and are incredibly durable, but are significantly more expensive than traditional roofs of this type.

When repairing, the owner must keep in mind that flat roofs are extremely sensitive to human traffic, improper passage and roofing material can crack and cause even more leakage problems. Given this fact and the slow nature of flat roof repairs by DIY, the use of a contractor and associated warranties can be a very attractive option. Whatever option the owner chooses, regular maintenance will ensure that the flat roof remains aesthetically pleasing and an investment in a comfortable and leak-free home for more information please visit http://perthgutteringandroofing.com.au/.

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