Disabled people are not able to walk for long distances or for a whole day when they are on vacation or attending events like funeral service or wedding. They can only go for a short distance and then require the use of a wheel chair to move around. You need a solution for a person who is going to use a wheel chair for predetermined amount of time.
How about renting a power wheelchair rental? Renting one will allow you to take advantage of having a wheelchair without the need of owning it. There are many models that you can choose from comprising of scooters and power chairs. You can find them nearly anywhere and you can buy one.
Where to find Wheelchair Rentals
One of the simplest ways of getting a wheelchair rental is by contacting a travel agent. A travel agent is very much capable of organizing for you to get a wheelchair or scooter to assist you to have movement. You will find that many destinations like spa, resorts and hotels do have agencies that have wheelchair drop offs at the very place you are in.
You might be the type of person who likes to make travel arrangements for yourself and performing activates like booking a hotel or checking in a rental vacation home. What you need to do is investigate about the nearest hospital and medical supply shops; definitely you will not miss a wheelchair. You can go even further and check out golf cart shops and bike shops, you might be able to find one there. In other cases, you may not need to look for one as they are available at various tourist destinations like museums. What you need to do is call in make a call before arriving and have them reserve a rental wheelchair.
Long Term Vs. Short Term Rentals
Long-term users will have more options than the ones for short term. You will be needed to sign a contract for those who want to use motorized wheelchair rental for long term. It is economical to rent per day than to do the short term one. You also need to put into consideration that you may need other paraphernalia like power lifts and ramps.
Less than a day or for a week is what can be defined as short term. You do not need to enter into a contract what is most important is a deposit and rental fee. The agreements do vary with each seller.
Before You Rent
What most people do not know is that it can be costly to rent a wheel chair than purchasing a new one. This is because you may find the cost of renting one for a whole week is the same as buying a new one.
Do a thorough scrutiny of the wheelchair to avoid any problems or getting one that has damage. Do not leave the shop with anything that is a risk to you. Get a power wheelchair rental that is collapsible for easier transportation. These ones are easily fit in the car for moving around with it.

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