Just about everyone has heard the old saying, "starve a cold, feed a fever." Or is it the other way around? Who can remember?

The truth is that starving yourself is never a good idea, especially when you're down with a virus. The best way to stop a cold is to boost your immune system by eating a good diet, and to take vitamin supplements as needed.

Focus On The Antioxidants

Everybody talks about these things, but what are they? These essential nutrients help protect your body from the effects of stress, which can wear you down. They also neutralize the dreaded free radicals, which attack cell membranes, making them more vulnerable to attacks by viral raiders.

Beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E are the best cold remedies out there. Not only do they help to prevent infections, but they also help you to recover faster. Where can you find these miracle workers? In fresh and lightly-cooked vegetables, and in fresh fruit as well.

What Are You Looking For?

Here's a list of antioxidants and other nutrients that are specifically recommended to stop a cold.

  • Bioflavenoids - usually found with vitamin C, these are will help strengthen your immunity. You may have heard of quercetin, a very concentrated bioflavenoid found in broccoli and onions.
  • Phytochemicals - nutrients are found in all fresh fruits and veggies. They're essential in your body's never-ending battle against viruses.
  • Glutathione - found in watermelon, and all members of the cabbage family, it helps your body resist infections.
  • Zinc - sucking on zinc lozenges when symptoms first show up can make it go away faster.
  • Yogurt - contains good bacteria that keep you healthy.

Eat plenty of protein. Your body's tissues are made up of amino acids found in protein. These amino acids are essential for your body to be able to maintain and repair cells and tissues, and to keep them in top shape to resist viral bugs.

This brings us to chicken soup. Yep, Granny was right. A hot bowl of chicken soup helps to clear out that congestion. It also has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, which helps you feel better.

Combine that soup with a soothing cup of black or green tea. Tea is packed with flavenoids, which build up a faltering immune system.

Don't try to starve a cold into submission. Instead, beat it quickly with these natural remedies for colds that not only taste good, but are good for you, too.

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