Royal jelly is the substance secreted from the hypopharynx of worker bees and is used to feed adult queens and larvae in a bee colony. Aside from being simply a food for bees, royal jelly also offers health benefits to human beings, which is the main reason why it is now considered a very popular dietary supplement. The discovery of this substance being an excellent supplement is not new, however. Even in the past, people from different parts of the world already has already taken advantage of royal jelly, believing that it has longevity benefits. The power of royal jelly is no myth, however, and more and more scientific studies are now being done to prove its health-enhancing properties. Here are some royal jelly benefits that are not only supported by science, but are also by the testimonies of people who have experienced it.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels

One of the most important benefits of royal jelly is its ability to control cholesterol levels. A study done in Japan showed how the total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein levels of volunteers who were given royal jelly dropped significantly. The interesting part is that while royal jelly lowers LDL or bad cholesterol in the body, it doesn't affect HDL or good cholesterol levels in a negative way.

Reduces Risks for Breast Cancer among Women

Breast cancer is one of the major diseases that are taking women's lives each year around the world. Thanks to royal jelly, women can now lower their risk for this deadly disease. In another study done in Japan, researchers found that royal jelly inhibits the effect of BPA in promoting the growth of breast cancer cells.

Promotes Rapid Healing of Skin Cells

Another important benefit of royal jelly is its ability to optimize skin health. It contains a combination of B vitamins that are all excellent for the skin as well as other nutrients found to promote collagen production. Aside from simply improving the health of the skin, royal jelly has also been found to promote rapid healing of wounds.

Protects the Liver

Seldom will you find a supplement that also acts as a liver protective agent, but that is exactly what royal jelly is all about. In a study done in Turkey, scientists discovered that royal jelly can indeed protect the liver after doing some animal tests wherein a group of mice were given liver toxin. After giving the mice royal jelly for a period of one week, the scientists found that royal jelly acted as a protective agent against the liver toxin given to the animals.

Enhances Brain Power

Many consumers of royal jelly testify that taking the supplement keeps them more alert and awake, and that is because royal jelly has brain enhancing properties. This has been proven when a group of Japanese scientists discovered how royal jelly does not only protect the brain, but also promotes repair of damaged brain cells.

Other Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

The health benefits of royal are intensive and you can't provide them all in single article. Other benefits of this amazing supplement includes control of blood sugar levels, prevention of bone loss, and boosting of the immune system. Royal jelly is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. If you're interested in trying out the amazing health benefits of this supplement, the best place you can get them is

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