Whey protein is one of the most well-known workout supplements. It may come in the form of shake or powder. A derivative of milk, whey protein offers a comprehensive amino acid profile, and provides several benefits when taken as a supplement. While there is not much research done on the effects of this supplement on humans, they have been found to reduce the risk for cancer when tested on animals. Despite that, the personal testimonies of people who have tried whey protein itself should be enough reason why you should consider adding it to the list of supplements you are taking.

Perhaps the most common use of whey protein is as a workout supplement as it has been found to enhance the growth and development of lean muscles. It is easily digested and is readily absorbed by the muscles right after training. In a particular study done in St. Francis Xavier University in Canada, it has been found that individuals who have been using whey protein supplements have developed more muscles mass while training than those who did not use the supplement in any way.

Aside from increasing muscle mass, protein whey also helps in weight control. Since the body digests protein more slowly, consuming whey protein helps you control your hunger levels. What’s more is that whey protein can increase the amount of protein in your body without offering you more calories and fat. In short, taking whey protein as a supplement will help you manage your appetite more, preventing you from eating more than you should.

Another benefit of whey protein is that it helps increase your endurance. When you’re training intensively, your body loses huge amounts of glycogen causing you to tire out easily. What whey protein does is it encourages quick restoration of glycogen, reducing muscle soreness and increasing bodily endurance. Aside from that, it also helps increase muscle and tendon strength and encourages quick repair of injured muscles. This results to an increase in your overall performance at the gym.

Finally, whey protein helps boost your immune system. It encourages the human body to generate an antioxidant called glutathione that fights free radicals. In some studies, it has also been found that whey protein inhibits the growth of cancer cells. This ability of whey protein to enhance the immune system is very significant for bodybuilders and those who work out regularly because intensive workout lowers the body’s immune system.

There are other outstanding benefits of taking whey protein aside from these. But if there is another good reason why you should consider taking this supplement aside from the fact that it offers many health benefits, it’s that it’s very convenient to use. Whey protein usually comes in the form of a powder and can be easily carried around wherever you go. It generally doesn’t require refrigeration and all you need to mix it into milk or water and you can readily take it. If you are serious in meeting your training goals, whey protein is definitely one of the supplements you should put on top of your list.

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As a supplement, whey protein comes in the form of a powder and is mixed with water or milk to produce whey protein shake. It offers tons of health benefits and is used mostly by bodybuilders and athletes. For the best brands of whey protein supplements, you cancheck out 100 whey protein here.