Well that’s a question and a half if I may say so myself. I have recently had a discussion with fellow members of various networking groups and this question seems to be cropping it’s head up on a more than regular basis. Let’s look at the question more in depth. What does it actually say or rather what is the question trying to say? Should you treat your employee’s? Now we take and talk about this till the cows come home quite literally, however in this instance we need to rule a few things out firstly being the size of business you have. If your business is only small with a staff number of five or less then smaller treats such as cakes etc does not do any harm at all, if anything it boosts the moral of staff.

In any instance to treat your staff shows you value their work, and that you don’t them granted it’s not just a job, it’s the staff that make the company. Without them it just wouldn’t be the same. A medium sized business would up the game slightly. From a small business that can offer the smaller treats, but treats all the same. Medium sized businesses on the other hand can take time out and organise a day out or even night out, how often this is done depends on the company disposable profit. It can even be said that this would be an investment. After all if your staff are happy then the best work is produced. This theory has been proved over and over and the staff moral for the company is virtually priceless. Let’s face it you wouldn’t want to go to work to a place where you felt undervalued and unappreciated.

Now let’s raise the goal post even further to more corporate areas. To search for venues for such things like Conference venues North Wales holds much appeal to all areas! A day out in this area of natural beauty for one is a bonus, but for the more larger organisations who can really show their value then searching for a venue where all staff from various part of the country and or even all over the world can come together and celebrate their efforts.

To splash out once in a while other than Christmas does wonders for any company of any size. When children go to school they look forward to their school trip, they work hard in class and rewarded with a school trip away from their place of study and fun is had by all. The same theory is implied in this instance. Take your staff out, show them that you value them not only as staff members but as a team and individuals in their own right. They are the people that drive your company, without them you would not have a business. Having this thought and always remembering this will always make the business more successful in the long term.

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