The hospitality industry relies on visual appeal both to provide for the aesthetic expectation on the part of consumers and as a pivotal aspect of branding. One primary element of arriving at this aesthetic begins with the installation of the right choice of flooring. For durability and saving on costs over the long term, it is hard to beat vinyl flooring. Designers and hoteliers frequently select luxury vinyl tile as a material that effectively masquerades as a variety of other hard surfaces while delivering a wide array of unique design choices. Here is an overview of why your hotel should invest in luxury vinyl tile:

It Doubles as Natural Wood, Stone or Ceramic Tile

Your choice of commercial flooring has a significant impact on both form and function. Vinyl effectively provides a less expensive, longer lasting and moisture-resistant alternative to stone, tile or wood without sacrificing the aesthetic appearance each of these options delivers. For example, where the coveted look of natural wood is timeless, hardwood flooring is costly and difficult to maintain. With wood, you must contend with scuffs, scratches, gouges and the potential for warping and staining from water damage in high-traffic areas.
Natural stone and ceramic tile, while more resilient, can be noisy, uncomfortable and are susceptible to cracking resulting in costly repairs. Instead, many hoteliers opt for vinyl flooring because it can look just like any style they desire. Most often, people simply cannot tell the difference whether it is a dramatic pattern or the sophisticated appearance of marble. With vinyl flooring it is possible to achieve the precise color and style of flooring you have in mind.

It Saves on Upkeep

Hotels are comprised of common areas including lobbies, hallways, dining areas, the rooms and the bathrooms. In extended-stay hotels, this includes kitchen areas. Hotels happen to comply with the lifestyle of patrons therefore the hours of operation go around the clock throughout each year. In terms of durability, vinyl flooring allows hoteliers to avoid the frequent replacement and maintenance costs associated with carpet, tile and hardwood alternatives. Vinyl flooring wears much better in heavily trafficked areas. You do not need to strip, wax or seal vinyl floors, either, so you consume less water and use fewer chemicals in cleaning.
Hotel patrons have a high expectation for cleanliness for the duration of their experience. While being resilient enough for any exposure, vinyl flooring makes cleaning your facility easier than any other hospitality flooring options known today. Being both durable and versatile, vinyl flooring withstands most wear-and-tear issues, and replacement is easily achieved where needed reducing down-time or the need to cordon off spaces.

It Offers Comfort That Lasts a Long Time

In the world of hospitality, comfort is king and not just for your guests. Your hospitality workers appreciate a comfortable work environment. The technological advancements in vinyl flooring rigid core products available today have surpassed what was available in recent years past. These “floating floors” install quickly. They are both waterproof and antimicrobial. If you are seeking underfoot comfort while lowering the noise level, vinyl flooring offers an underlayment that is noise-abating while resisting mold and mildew. What is more, vinyl flooring can be installed right on top of existing floor surfaces hiding minimal subfloor inadequacies.
There is some debate regarding the way vinyl flooring can telegraph certain subfloor nuances, particularly if it is not laid down perfectly flat. Real-wood purists maintain real hardwood hides subfloor imperfections. Their contention holds that nothing can compare to the natural warmth with its variations that real wood offers. While acoustics may be better with real wood, there is not the noise reduction achieved with vinyl flooring. Carpet tiles are easily replaced as they wear down, however, as time goes by, new tiles stick out like a sore thumb. Carpet enthusiasts recommend switching out damaged tiles with edge pieces to better blend the wear.
Whatever your choice of flooring, the hospitality industry is all about delivering comfort in an inviting atmosphere. If you have not achieved this level of aesthetic, your customers are not likely to make a return visit. Hotel occupancy suffers when there is less foot traffic. Luxury vinyl tile gives you an inexpensive, long-lasting and healthier alternative, and one that also makes a healthy investment in the future of your business.

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Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.