A resume plays a vital role while you are searching for a job. A resume has all the details about your education, work experience, additional qualifications, and your achievements in academics and your organization. The ultimate motto of having the right resume is to get through to a job interview.
A Resume cover letter on the other hand introduces you to a prospective employer. The language in the cover letter should be clear and direct. You can always make use of the job advertisement while preparing the cover letter for a specified position.
While preparing a resume and a cover letter, it is very important to take care about the font style and the font size that you use. It should be taken care that font styles and sizes that are readable is used. A very common question that arises while preparing a resume and the resume cover letter is whether the font style and the font size of both, the resume and the cover letter should be same or not? Well, it always gives a polished look to your documents, if they are in the same font style and size. However, even if the font style and size is different in both the documents, it can always come out good. The important factor is what font style and size you are using. Using a style that is simple, clear and readable easily, like the ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Arial’ etc. with a size of 10-12 points is advised as that gives the best visibility and keeps the document neat.
The font style and size being same or different really doesn’t make much difference, as it is the legibility to the reader that matters the most.

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The resume cover letter should clearly identify your strengths and then it will be helpful to fetch you a dream job.
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