If you’re like most people, choosing the perfect gift is often time-consuming and challenging. It’s difficult to know just how each gift will be received and gifts for military personnel are certainly no exception. However, one of the best gifts for any member of the military is one of the various styles of military rings.

The History of Military Rings
In 1835, the first military rings were given to the graduating class of the United States Military Academy. Now, this has become a time-honored tradition for all branches of the Armed Forces. Graduating from a military academy, such as West Point or the Air Force Academy, is a moment that deserves the highest recognition. Today, military rings are also used to commemorate someone’s service and sacrifices, specific military campaigns, or other important moments in the military member’s career.

Style and Design Choices
What type of ring will best suit the recipient? Is it a classic signet style, featuring the military branch crest on the top? Perhaps a more formal design is fitting, such as one that resembles the traditional class ring. For those that can’t decide, you may want to consider a style that “meets in the middle,” with an elegant design without the semi-precious stone on top. No matter what design and style you choose, the personalization options can help you create the perfect gift for your military friend or family member.

Personalizing a Military Ring
You’ll have many choices when it comes to personalizing a military ring. If you choose a style that has a semi-precious stone on top, you might consider using the recipient’s birthstone or the stone for the month they joined the military. You can even have an emblem or insignia placed inside the stone, which is a beautiful accent. The sides of the ring may be engraved with one of the hundreds of available symbols or crests, creating a unique gift that even the most discriminating of recipients will love.

The inside of the ring band can be engraved. You might include the military member’s initials or dates of service. Perhaps you want to include a military squadron, division, or unit name and number. While the space is limited, if your message will fit, it may be engraved. This personalization makes this gift even more special.

Ordering Military Rings
It only takes a few moments to place an order. The longest part of the whole process may be deciding on the style and design of the ring. Once ordered, delivery time is only two to three weeks and it comes in a beautiful gift box. You may choose to have the ring shipped to your family member or friend, but make sure that there are no customs regulations that may prevent delivery.

A Final Thought
Military rings are a great way to commemorate a military member’s service and dedication. Show your appreciation for all these men and women do to keep America safe and free.

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