Hello friends, in this article we are going to look at the biography of Swami Samarth, because Shri Swami Samarth, Akalkot Swami was a great saint of the Datta sect of Akkalkot in Maharashtra which originated in the nineteenth century. He is believed to be the third incarnation of Lord Sri Dattatreya after Shripad Vallabh and Sreesinhasaraswati. Shri Narasimha Saraswati of Gangapur later appeared as Shri Swami Samarth. The utterances from the Swami's mouth that "I am Narasimha and have come from the muddy forest near Srisailam" suggest that Narasimha is the incarnation of Saraswati. In different places, masters came with different names.

In the year 1458, Narasimha Saraswati disappeared in the forest of Kardali due to Shri Shaila Yatra. He was buried deep in this forest for three hundred years. Then the ants formed a terrible bomb around his divine body. One day in that forest a wooden ax accidentally fell on Bambi and Shri Swami came out of Bambi. He first appeared in Kashi.
On his way to Kolkata, he saw Kalamata. After visiting many places on the banks of the Ganges, they came to the banks of the Godavari. From there it remained on Mars for twelve years via Hyderabad. After that, they came to Akkalkot by Pandharpur, Mohol, Solapur route. Their abode there until the end was Shake 1800.
Shri Swami Samarth, the Parabrahm of Akkalkot, used to promise protection to his devotees, ‘Do not be afraid, I am with you.’ Devotees still feel it. In 1856, Shri Swami Samarth Akkalkot I appeared in the temple of Khandoba. He performed many miracles. Worked on public awareness. ‘Whoever meditates, meditates on me with a unique spirit, will serve me by understanding the essence of all that I have, I will do all kinds of yoga for my dear devotees who constantly worship me,’ as he assured the devotees.

Swami Samarth disappeared in an instant and suddenly appeared. Swami Girnar disappeared on the mountain and at the second moment appeared in Ambejogai. From Haridwar, Narayan Sarovar, located in Kathewad's residential area, was seen sitting in Sahajjan. After that, the devotees saw him walking in the flood of the Bhima river of Pandharpur.

Swamiji eradicated Basappa's poverty on Mars. Snakes became gold for him. The dry well of a Brahmin householder named Babaji Bhat in that village was filled with water. Brought light in the eye of a blind Brahmin named Pandit. Swami Samarth performed all these miracles to bring awareness in the path of devotion among the people. Saints are for the welfare of the people, for the feelings of the people for the spiritual and traditional prosperity of the people, and for the happiness of others.
Swami Samarth destroyed the bad tendencies in society and restored the true thoughts. He blessed the sad and miserable people. By giving such an experience, the aspiring devotees should always remember them and adopt them out of love. From the point of view of Swami Samarth, the rich and poor were all equal. He loved simple and innocent devotion. He had a lot of love for ordinary people. Swami Samarth was very clever. On his face was the radiant radiance of the sun. There was incomparable compassion in his eyes. He used to remove the trouble that came upon the devotees.

Once Maharaj Maloji Raje of Akkalkot was sitting on an elephant to pay homage to Swami Samarth. When he placed his head at the feet of Swami Samarth, Swamiji patted Maloji Raje on the cheek and said, ‘You have nobility in your house. What's his job here? We make so many kings. From then on, Maloji Raje used to come on foot to visit Swami Samarth.

The honorable Sardar Tatya Bhosleji of Akkalkot Sansthan got tired of Sansthan, then he followed in his footsteps and started serving Swami Samarth with devotion. Once when he was sitting near Swami Samarth, Swamiji said to Tatya Bhosaleji, 'Your name has come.' Tatya Bhosaleji prayed to Swami Samarth, 'I want to serve you more!'. Seeing the longing of his devotee, Swami Samarth said to the eunuch, ‘This is my devotee. Don't touch him. Take the bull sitting next to you! ‘The bull lost his life and fell to the ground.
Shri Swami Samarth Bhaktakam is Kalpadrum, Bhaktakam is Kamadhenu, Chintamani. In his heart is an ocean of compassion. Give them a voice, they are always with you. Swami Samarth is always vigilant for the welfare of his devotees and frees them from terrible calamities.

There was a devotee named Moroba Kulkarni in Akkalkat. Shri Swami Samarth slept in his courtyard with his servants. Morobe's wife started having stomach aches at night. He was subjected to unbearable torture. She came out to die in the well. Swami Samarth woke up immediately and said to the servants, ‘Hey, look who is giving life in the well. Bring him to me! They took him and came before Swami Samarth. Swamiji looked at her gracefully. His stomach ached.
The story of Swami Samarth appearing to the devotee in his own form and in the form of his desired deity is known through many stories. A great Krishna devotee named Surdas was living in Dwarkapuri. Surdas was born. He had a great desire to see the virtuous body of Lord Krishna. Swami Samarth went to the ashram of Surdas and stood up and gave a voice to Surdas. Said, ‘Look at the name you are calling, I am standing at your door.

Surdas, take a look. Saying this, Samarth touched both his eyes. Then Surdas got divine vision and he started seeing the Saguna form of Lord Krishna holding conch, wheel, and mace. Surdas was stunned. After some time, when he regained consciousness, Swami Samarth showed him his true form. Surdas became emotional and said to Swami Samarth, ‘You have given me a divine vision. Now free me from this cycle of birth and death! Swami Samarth blessed Surdas, "You will be a theologian!"

There are innumerable devotees of Swami Samarth everywhere. Swami Samarth may have laid down his life at Akkalkot in 1878, but his words "I am not gone, I am always with you" are the basis of the devotees.

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