There is nothing quite like the simplicity of shrink wrap when moving stock. Simple plastic maintains the integrity and form of merchandise for transporting bulk items on secure pallets. While more and more hand pallet stretch wraps are in demand, nothing gets the job done as fast and reliable as an automatic/semi-automatic machines. A great fit for you needs should be highly efficient, decrease labour intensity, and have good adaptability. Stretch wrap protects from scratches, dust and damp, as well as increasing the security of the pallet.

Shrink wrap machines are perfect for warehouses dealing with large quantities of stock. They save money, time and hassle as compared to hand wrapping. To find the best machine, the overall need and frequency of use should be weighed against cost and efficiency. There is a variety of options to use varying in specifications as well as many sizes, colours, and types of shrink wrap film.

Shrink Wrap Machines:

Automatic pallet stretch wrap machines include the Economizer and Excell models. With low cost and high efficiency these simply models provide easy service for low quantity demands. Excell models provide reliable service with innovative technology at a fraction of the cost of alternative high-end machines. Each Excell is better than the next with a built in photo eye sensor for detecting pallet high with the Excell 210 and a password protection touch screen with the Excell 220.

Economy models of semi-automatic designs include the PP-981 and PP-983. With optional wraps for increased accessibility these machines offer the advantage of choosing between auto-wrapping or manual controls. Heavy duty roller assembly allows for increased pallet weight.

Ultimate shrink wrap machines include the Maximizer and the Impact RT-500. The Maximizer while a little costly is the ideal machine for large jobs and processing plants. It features a low profile 1500mm diameter turntable with 3.0 tonne capacity. Amazingly, this shrink wrap machine is able to wrap up to 25 pallets p/hr at a 2.4m wrapping height. The Impact RT-500 is fully automatic. It wraps at the optimal speed of 60 pallets p/hr at a 2.2, std height. It includes an optional top sheet dispenser to enhance the standard 2 tonne conveyor capacity and turntable.

Pallet wrapping machines are also available for small and large scale operations. They are easy to transport and have low energy consumption. Let the machine handle all the work as these pallet wrapper manage to list, move, and shrink wrap all in one process.

Film and Wrapping Materials:

Available in various sizes from 25um x 1500m to 500mm x 3000m, film styles are available to make even the heaviest load and most unusual shapes easy to move. The ideal machine wrap should be puncture resistant with exceptional strength. Cast machine wrap is high in clarity for picturesque pallets, while Blown film on the other hand is perfect for heavy and irregular shaped loads. For extreme endeavours, the newest form of Stretch film, Pre-Stretched film has increased strength to guarantee secure pallets and uninjured stock.

Blown film is available in both clear and black at increasing levels of strength. Not to mention, that Heavy duty Ex-cell wrap can be found for the most difficult of tasks of pallet wrapping. To ensure the best results, make sure that the film chosen is compatible with the shrink wrap machine in question; placing particular care regarding size and thickness.

Regardless, of the machine that is right for you, or the film that best meets your packaging needs you can't go wrong with a shrink wrap machine for medium to high output storage and moving needs.

UWrap are one company that consider the needs and requirements of their customers very carefully. In doing so they have been able to design and build a selection of first class shrink wrap machines to meet the demands of a wide target audience.

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