I am considerably successful in my career. However, once in a while, a voice in my head says I am faking it all the time. I feel like I don't deserve the accolades that come on my way. I have had this feeling throughout my academic life. It is now following me to my workplace.

And it is not just that. I am even poor at taking compliments. It is something in me that says I don't deserve this. Obviously, it wasn't helping me get anywhere forward. That's when I sought the help of my psychologist friend. He happened to be quite famous in his field of practice. Also, he holds a ThreeBestRated award. So, Yeah! If not him, who could be the right person to talk to?

The Realization

After nearly an hour of talking, I was diagnosed with Imposter Syndrome. I believe the first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge it. So, getting to know what I have been going through was not a bad idea. And what comes as a relief is, it is curable.

You are not alone

Around 70% of people in the world have imposter syndrome in various intensities. It includes celebrities as well. It is always good to know you are not the only person who is suffering from it. And I thought I could share a few ways through which we could overcome it, which might be helpful to people like me.

How to deal with Imposter Syndrome?

> Open up about your feelings: Talking to a trusted friend or a family member about what you are going through could be helpful. Sharing those feelings with another person can make you feel light.

> Stop questioning your abilities: Combating self-doubt could be overwhelming. But, you have to keep believing in yourself and your abilities. As you overcome your self-doubting thoughts, the imposter in you disappears.

> Accept Failures as a part of life: Failures are terrifying. However, you have to accept the fact that failures are a part of life. Failures don't make you a fraud. Everyone fails at some point in their life. Never let those negative moments decide who you are.

> Channelize your thoughts: Stop thinking like an imposter. The voice inside your head is causing all the trouble. Train your mind to think positively. Try to separate feelings from facts and analyze your strengths. Keep reminding yourself that you are good at it. It helps to stay confident and refrain from imposter feelings.

> Seek Help: Not everyone can fight this syndrome on their own self. In such instances, it is better to seek out help. Talk to mental health professionals. They could help you overcome it.

Unless you deal with it, No matter what you accomplish, you can't enjoy your success. Even the greatest of the celebrities around the world have opened up about their imposter thoughts. However, they deal with it as they believe in themselves. Always believe in yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Sara Wilson is a blogger and writer for Three Best Rated®. In her works, she talks about the misconceptions about mental illness and the stigma surrounding it. She often writes about the stress we face in everyday life and offers tips on how to deal with them.