Mistakes, in whatever form, are forces that gives awful and heart-rending effects. History itself is the primary witness of how mistakes, from the simplest kind to the most enormous, destroy lives, businesses and nations. Therefore, as much as possible, decisions and choices should come from acute reasoning, carefulness and sufficient knowledge to shy away from the terrible outcomes caused by unintelligible actions. In doing lead generation, it is expected to identify these mistakes and eliminate them at an early time.

No company can afford to commit one mistake in lead generation. The probability of losing sales leads by letting one error pass is higher than the probability that it will not happen. Thus, by careful planning and strict implementation, the chances of blocking mistakes from destroying your business is above average. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Take a look at the subsequent list of common mistakes.

1. Disregard Training Staff

It does not matter how big your staff is. Numbers could not go you to places if these people are inexperienced and unskilled because they were not trained. You must not forget that customers don't like cold-callers, appointment setters or any telemarketer who are impolite, ignorant and slouch in verbal communication.

Do not trade-off efficiency for cost reduction. Because if you do, you may have lower expenses but you also have a stagnant sales pipeline.

2. Out of reach status

There would be no greater hell for customers than the inaccessibility of your company. All the time, they use different mediums, like telephone and Internet, to address inquiry and concerns. If they are unable to reach your firm through any available instruments, it is the end of the story.

Ignoring investment in lead nurturing, answering service and customer service support is your ticket to bankruptcy. Therefore, explore all avenues that will cater most, if not all, the demands of your prospects.

3. Broken promises

The thing is, when you say an order is to be delivered on a particular date, it should be delivered not later than the scheduled time. The phrase promises are meant to be broken does not apply to business, not even once. So, when there is a delay, excuses must never to be mentioned. Apologize and do extra effort to please your customers.

5. Passing customers around

When customers call, they want to immediately reach the person who can answer all their queries and issues. However, there are times when a customer is passed around from one receptionist to another. This is somehow the best way to make your prospects angry or hang up.

It is then to be practiced that the first receiver of a phone call is the telemarketer who can handle the desires of your qualified sales leads.

6. Deficiency to listen

One of the golden rules in answering customers is “talk less, listen more”. Your telemarketers must only use their mouth when it is necessary and relevant. The agents ought to have keen ears in order to think in the shoes of the customers and to provide the latter with solutions to their problems. Aside from good delivery, listening skill is the best key that will unlock the door to an increased closed sales.

7. Burying basic polite phrases

Whether the prospects are good-tempered or not, your staff have got to constantly practice saying basic polite phrases such as “Thank You!”, “We're sorry.” or “Please”. These simple words will leave a positive impression to your company.

The aspiration of achieving growth in revenues can only be converted into reality when customer satisfaction is attained. To reach those cases, your firm's programs and efforts should be directed in improving customer service support. This implicitly calls on learning from mistakes by not allowing your company to commit the same errors. Outsourcing your lead generation campaign to a telemarketing company can help you avoid these mistakes.

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Belinda Summers is a professional Lead Generation Consultant helping corporate organizations increase their revenue through telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting strategies. To know more about lead generation and appointment setting, visit: http://www.callboxinc.com/