Ahh rejection.

Rejection is pretty hard on the soul.

It can make you feel unwanted, lonely and frustrated.

It doesn't matter if you’re the average Joe or a big shot executive. It hurts just the same; and with today’s fast paced society the world can feel extra punishing.

When you can learn to not only deal with rejection but also learn what eliminates it you can have the kind of friends that you've always wanted. You can meet and attract the types of women into your life that you didn't have a chance with before and you can have the social life you've always wanted, when you reduce your chance of rejection.

Something interesting has happened over the past 100 years. There are more and more people being born in this world. The population is growing, but as population grows people are not becoming closer, instead they are become more emotionally distant from each other. Just 40 or 50 years ago neighbors would knew about each others lives, helped watch over each others children, go fishing together and the list goes on.

But today you could be living in an apartment and not know anyone living in the same building.

People are becoming closed off to the idea of meeting new people, and that’s why it’s even harder to make friends or meet people if you have shyness against you. It’s even harder to meet and date women in this condition.

Hope is not lost though. What’s actually happened is people became pickier about who they want to meet, they became more selective because there’s so much option out there for the average person.

Fortunately I can give you a list of things that make people pick you when it comes to building friendship. If you use it you’ll have a better chance at attracting more friends if you have shyness working against you.

Ok so here they are:

Tip #1 – Talk about what the other person likes.
One of the things you might be worried about is finding commonalities so you can connect with the other person. Not necessary at all. What you need to be doing is finding what the other person is interested in. Just having a conversation and digging into their interest can be very engaging.

Tip #2 – Lead into other topics.
So you found out what his or her interest is, you spent some time talking about it. What you want to do now is lead into other topics related to your potential friend’s interest. For example, he might be a car mechanic. You talk about the best part of the job, you talk about the coolest car he’s worked on. Then you start to talk about auto shows, maybe an auto show in Las-Vegas you read about. Then you talk about the night life of Vegas... See you have so much to talk about.

Tip #3 – Don’t complain.
The worst thing you can do is complain about things when meeting someone. Being negative on the first encounter is like a salesman trying to sell by featuring the negative things first. It’s a bad sell.

Sounds simple enough?

It is.

When I coach people I start by giving these three simple tips to get the ball rolling. More than half the people report back saying their conversations with others last longer and they get more phone calls from the same people they talked to To Continue Learning More About This Article Follow This Link: More on shyness from this author.

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I was the guy who showed up to hang out and people would go “Ugh why’d they have to bring HIM?” But I learned some of the most incredible things that lead me to meeting supermodels, actors and small time movie directors. If you're interested Click Here To Learn How To Overcome Shyness And Live The Life You Always Wanted