Are you sick and tired? I was. As a matter of fact, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. At the young age of 32 I was a divorced, educated but under appreciated black male who's sole purpose in life was to make it through the day. Not only had I had lost my desire in life, I was questioning my very existence. Why would I voluntarily choose to get through another day, only to fail at life once again and go to bed alone again? It seemed to be all for nothing.

One day I was going through and I came across a Michael Jordan clip. It was a commercial that used to run when I was in high school. Growing up outside of Chicago during the Jordan years was amazing! We used to watch THEE basketball player of our generation taking down all the greats to bring home trophy after trophy. I loved watching him soar over people like they weren't even there. It made me feel so alive, knowing I was a fan of the best. So this particular commercial 15 years later peaked my interest, and as I listened to Michael tell me that it may be his fault we had such high hopes for ourselves without putting in the time in the gym, at the free throw line, on the paint, day after day, year after year, NEVER GIVING UP EVER... It struck a chord with me. Then the last line rang so true it hit me like a bullet. "Or maybe you're just making excuses." Wow. My role model called me out 15 years after he recorded that message like it was meant for me. I took a long look in the mirror that night and asked myself who I wanted to be, and it wasn't that guy. I wanted to be Michael.

As I researched more I thought he was just fearless. According to his own words he's not fearless. He has a big fear: Failure. Failure, according to Michael, is giving up, or worse, not trying at all. I had given up. I quit life. What a waste. All the experiences I had, all the love I'd given and received in my life from friends and family, all the joy and pleasure from the accomplishments I'd achieved, and I just gave up like it was all nothing. I was making excuses. Well not anymore. That day, I looked in the mirror and told that person, whoever he was, that he was NOT me. I fired him. I was determined to get back in the gym, mentally and physically. I was bent on making my comeback. Bigger and better was my goal for my goals in life. I knew I would run across challenges, and I welcomed them. That's what Mike would do. I dared the universe to send me whatever it could, I would take it and soar over it just like Mike did. No matter how the game looked to be against my favor, I would never back down to fear. Fear from now on was my fuel, my friend, and my motivation.

It all boils down to fear in the end. Excuses are born of fear, but so is success. If you are sick and tired, take it and look for the fear that led you to that place where you are, and use it. Stop letting fear use you. Chances are it was put there by your own self defeating thoughts in the first place. Be a champion of life. Don't let the game slip by without you giving your all. Live as if it is the championship game and you have the ball. Take control of your thoughts, and you will find that fear is nothing but excuses perpetuating themselves in your head.

Author's Bio: 

Andre Wiley is an accomplished Life Coach and Blogger dealing in Life Strategies for people and businesses that are looking to get the most out of their greatest asset: Themselves. Using a combination of several circles of life he has encountered first hand, from music to firefighting, to middle management in major corporations to the United States Army, he arranges this complex information in a fun, energy driven way that is easily digested by all.