All parents want to ensure their child's safety even though they cannot be by their side all the time. Since it is impossible for any parent to be near their children 24/7, baby monitors such as the baby breathing monitor will prove to be highly beneficial for them.

A lot of parents dread the term SIDS or what is also known as the Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. This condition is included in the top causes of death among infants. The real cause behind this pattern of infancy death has yet to be discovered. For the mean time, parents should be able to take the necessary precautions to prevent their children from falling victim to the syndrome. An efficient way to prevent SIDS from taking away your baby's life is the utilization of baby monitors that will detect even the slightest difference in your baby's movement routine.

Parents whose children died of unknown reasons often find themselves defeated by SIDS. Basically, SIDS is the term used when babies are found dead. Theoretically, infants dying from SIDS just suddenly stop breathing. A baby breathing monitor will detect if the baby has not moved for about 20 seconds and alert the parents or caretaker of this sudden change in the baby's movement routine.

Baby breathing monitors can be attached in the baby's clothing while some can be attached into the bedding where the baby is sleeping. If the baby doesn't make any movements within 20 seconds, the alarm system held by the parents or caretaker will be triggered. Movements detected by the monitor include heartbeat and breathing.

Searching for the best baby breathing monitor should not be that difficult. However, it is imperative to find one that is of great quality. One of the places you can go to if you want nothing but the best baby breathing monitors is the Nanny Monitor. They offer efficient baby monitors that will definitely suit your needs and meet your expectations.

Baby Breathing Monitor

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