I consider myself a friend to many people, whom I will stand by and always give my love, support and gratitude.

I choose to spend my time with those who genuinely listen to me, who love to have great meaningful conversations about life and the world.

Those who can dig deep beyond the surface of life.

The conversations are two way with both of us sharing and caring for one another's likes, dislikes and differences.

I love sharing my time with people who want to try new things, who are courageous in uncovering their truths:

Choosing people who are honest yet kind, vulnerable yet strong, have an energy and force to reckon with yet are peaceful in heart and mind, reliable and steadfast.

If these are the things that you value, then seek friendships with this integrity and balance.

You don't always get to choose when it comes to the people in your family or work.

It is in these areas the importance of learning to rise above the indifferences: Understanding that it takes all types of people to make the world

However You do have the ability and available intention to have in your life, the people with the qualities mentioned above.

These are the people whom to share and where you will spend your time and energy.

You will place distance and set firm boundaries with the people who have negative attitudes, toxic behaviours, whom have closed minds to new and positive experiences.

Who don't want to share with you their dreams and aspirations or listen to yours.

Beware of people whom live on the surface of life without giving it any real depth or meaning as this can pull you down, leading you to focus on the sadness and contemptuous areas of life.

Allow yourself to be fed with people who have dreams in their hearts, kindness in their souls, healthy habits, having a mindset of abundance, healthy hobbies and habits:

Strong and Positive Relationships: Who have open minds to all that is good, to have the courage to face their challenges with the peace and happiness to understand them.

Choosing friends because they help you to feel and be a Better You: Not to base friendships on age, status, looks or for what they can do but because they are good people carving out a positive life.

During a lifetime many people come and go, there will be a few treasured one's who leave footprints in your heart. This is the sign of a Great friend.

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Renew your Body by Renewing Your Mind

Empowering You to Optimal Health Julie Doherty N.D

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Julie Doherty N.D is a visionary pioneer and a Recognized World Health Leader in the field of Naturopathic Medicine
This being understanding the elements of mind, thinking and emotional health the connections with our physical health. Understanding of the inner connection of mind, body and spirit – Your True Internal Strength.
Dr Julie is well known for her empowering approach to men, women and children’s health. The true essence in not only becoming well but staying well. Dr. Julie teaches each person how to thrive through every stage of life.