Modern-day computing systems are developing rapidly and adding up several changes as well as advances in its course of action. The genre of cloud computing is such an advancement that has witnessed a rapid surge in the current day scenario. Cloud computing in the present scenario is spreading like a wildfire as too many business ventures are shifting their focus from the traditional use of computer systems to cloud-based solutions. They are choosing Cloud systems for various reasons like that of affordability, flexibility, and scalability that the system caters.

Earlier business ventures incurred huge expenses as they need to install applications on computers to perform various business operations but in the present-day situation applications are hosted online that operate with much ease and flexibility. Hence, cloud computing can be defined as a computing model that caters to servers, networks, applications, and data centers through the internet. Companies and organizations need to purchase only the specific type and the number of services that they need. That means companies need not install any particular hardware, software, or even applications; they just have to buy the requisite services provided over a network by third parties. As there is no question of installation there are no worries about providing maintenance. A Cloud computing service provider can indeed assist a business to effectively prosper in their venture.

Significant Attributes of Cloud Computing that can Assist Business Ventures.

Availing cloud-based service means witnessing a lot of benefits as it is quite simple for using it. At present cloud computing technology has certain types of models that are indeed crucial to understand for working with cloud computing or utilizing its service.

Let’s now check out what are the basic deployment models of cloud computing – Private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. This technology has got certain interesting traits–

i) Hardcore maintenance of system and software is not essential. Moreover, the expense for software updation and purchasing license is not required.

ii) The server utilized in cloud computing consists of software as well as hardware products that include an operating system, processor, etc.

iii) Cloud computing delivers a set of software that helps to accomplish a variety of activities. This system is generally terms as SaaS or Software as a service.

iv) It helps to eliminate the installation of any unnecessary devices.

Variety of Cloud Services that a Business can Choose from.

Cloud computing as we know it today includes three basic types of classifications or cloud models.

i. Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
ii. Infrastructure- as-a-service (IaaS)
iii. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)


As the name suggests SaaS provides software as a cloud computing service. This is basically an internet-based software service for business organizations and it is one of the cheapest ways to utilize several kinds of software under an affordable price cap. With SaaS, you can also enjoy a customized service.


IaaS is a Web-based service that imbibes in its features like databases, storage, personal digital servers, and other on-demand support based services. Generally, in IaaS the user is charged in the utilization of the data or service.


It is a centralized service that cloud computing generally caters to. PaaS usually serves as a design or test environment. This imparts the running time of the service as requested by the user of the service. With PaaS, you can only enjoy access to a deployed system.

Moreover, in the present-day situation there are eminent IT companies or cloud computing service providers specializing in providing managed hosting services and others, plan to be the transformation partner with the small scale businesses as well as the large scale companies that are making use of cloud computing sphere by the virtue of unmatched capacities and strengths with an enriched user experience in Cloud computing domain.

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