Dreams are the series of images and scenes which we see involuntarily and don’t have any control on them. Freud gave the most famous theory on dreams and his interpretations. According to him, our hidden wishes, desires and fears are repressed in our mind and we see them when we are in an unconscious state of sleep and usually don’t have any control on ourselves and on our surroundings.

If we read the religion Islam thoroughly, we would realize that dreams do hold an importance in the context of Islam. According to Islam, there are three types of dreams. First type of dream is called “Ruyaa” which is considered as the most pious and good dream. These good dreams can also become true in reality if Allah wants to. According to a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that good dreams are from Allah whereas the bad dreams are from Shaitan. Once one of my relative saw a dream that he is standing in front of the holy Kaaba and crying constantly, On the very next month, his Visa got issued by availing the Cheap Hajj Packages 2017 In Low Cost Deals With Best 5 Star Hotels And Luxury Flights and his utmost desire of performing the holy obligation of Umrah got fulfilled. He was standing right in front of the Holy Kaaba and was crying like a kid, asking for mercy of his Lord.

Then comes the bad dreams which are called “Hulum”. As mentioned above, these dreams are showed by Shaitan. According to the hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that whenever you see a bad dream, then the moment you wake up, spit three times on your left side and ask protection from Allah to save you from evil of Shaitan. Then change your side to the right and continue to sleep again with peace. This way Shaitan will not give you any harm.For example, a person sees some kind of ferocious animal attacking him in his dream and he wakes up quickly with a fear and anxiety. Then he should practice the previous act mentioned in the hadith and he will sleep peacefully again because those who have a strong trust in Allah, never fear from anything else. Also, it has been recommended in Sahih Bukhari that one should not tell his bad dreams to anyone otherwise he may get harm.

Third type of dream is the dream from one’s own self. These dreams neither come from Allah nor from Shaitan. They occur due to one’s own hiddendesires and fears. This third concept of dream is pretty much similar to the Freud’s concept of dreams which has been mentioned earlier. In our childhood, we often have different wishes to achieve something. These wishes might get fulfilled but when they don’t, they get repressed in the mind and person keeps seeing them in his dreams. Same is the case with our fears. We may forget our fears in our daily activities, but when we lay down in bed, our mind gets stress free and goes in the state of unconsciousness. In this state, our fear may start showing in the form of bad dreams. One should always pray to his Lord before falling asleep, so that he sleeps peacefully without any worry and tension of seeing any kind of dream that can trigger anxiety.

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