In the competitive field of brand development, maintaining good reputation is a prerequisite. Companies discover and implement many innovative and creative ideas that help to provide a boost to their brand name along with products and services. One of such popular and effective methodology is Reputation Management. Reputation management or directory management is basically a process where firms use different processes and techniques to keep their reputation at high scales amongst the audience. In this process, a feedback loop is brought into use to know the existing reputation of that company. This feedback loop contains verbal feedbacks as well as statistical analysis gathered from large number of data points.

These data points are a result of the processing of all kinds of human interactions along with interpersonal relationships, stock markets, international diplomacy, marketing, sports and Public Relations. To keep in touch of more and more of such sources, many enterprises bring into use the reputation management software. This software exists in the international market and is specifically designed to connect such enterprises to their stakeholders along with tracking the computing stakeholder process to help it analyze, measure and manage results.

It is very difficult to maintain a good reputation for your brand amongst the fierce competition prevailing in the market. This makes it essential for companies to utilize only professional firms or personnels for handling their reputation management process. A professional and experienced firm generally follows three steps for reputation management i.e. building, maintenance and recovery. Building of reputation is a process to be implemented at the commencement of a business. At this stage, a PR firm promotes and advertises their clients in different methods. After the reputation is built, it has to be maintained. During the reputation maintenance phase, the existing reputation of a company is to be kept on the same or better level.

For this purpose frequent events are organized with the help of professional Event Management companies as well as internet is brought into use. There are several online firms that possess a good reputation and ranking on major search engines. The websites of such firms are used to advertise or provide links of a particular company to eventually make it popular amongst more and more online users. The third and the last stage in reputation management is recovery. This stage is not a part of every reputation management process but is only required when any company is to be recovered from a bad reputation.

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