The market for smoking products is gradually being occupied by vaporizers because they are much safer and efficient to intoxicate the user. Buying vape is a one-time investment; you only have to pay for its refilling cartridge in the future. Most of the people consider vaporizers as a way of enjoyment only which is a wrong perception. Physicians also suggest vaping in special cases to their patients. It emits a smooth vapor rather than hard smoke. Thus, patients remain safe from its adverse effects on health. One cannot differentiate between the vaporizers meant for the casual and medical purpose at first sight. Therefore, this article is going to help you to gain in-depth knowledge.

Casual cannabis vaporizers

Casual vaping occupy large criteria of vaping business because it has become an alternative to safe smoking. Both dry and wet stuff is used in casual vaporizers and you have the freedom of choosing different flavors too. For enjoyment purpose, you can choose from the following ingredients:-

1) THC oil
2) Wax
3) Dry Bud

THC oil is the most common ingredient among casual vapes because of the ease of availability and ready to use. This fluid is available in cartridges with different degrees of hardness. Before buying, one can check its intensity on the label to decide whether it is right according to your capacity or not.

Wax is among the most concentrated elements of cannabis that people use to experience a higher level of intoxication. Wax is obtained by processing cannabis leaves that is almost free form all impurities.

Dry bud is a traditional ingredient and almost every smoker is familiar to it. Some special vaporizer models specifically meant for extracting pure vapors from cannabis without producing smoke. Just put your buds inside diffusion chamber and switch on atomizer for creating a rich vaping experience.

Vaporizers for medicinal purpose

Cannabis acquires many medicinal properties that help patients in fighting with serious illnesses. Hundreds of research studies proved that cannabinoids of the marijuana plant work miraculously on the following health issues:-

● It controls epileptic seizures
● Glaucoma treatment
● Alzheimer prevention
● Harness cancer cells from multiplication
● Control anxiety
● Multiple Sclerosis pain relief
Arthritis relief
● Fight against Dravet’s Syndrome
● Helps in giving up drugs addiction
● Improves healthy metabolism

For these diseases, physicians prescribe different quantities and types of cannabinoids. A casual vape user needs THC aka tetrahydrocannabinol liquid for enjoyment purpose because its ingredients are highly intoxicating. On the other hand, CBD aka nonintoxicating cannabinoid is preferred for the patients suffering from cancer, Alzheimer, arthritis, etc. This is also the liquid extract of cannabis plant but only contain healing ingredients. Online platforms are the best place to buy arizer solo that you can use for both medical as well as casual purposes. However, consult with your physician before buying this device because they can suggest that a cartridge of CBD will be compatible with your vaporizer or not.


Whether you buy arizer solo or similar vape for enjoyment or medicinal purpose, it is intoxicating in both cases.

Exceeding the dosage can badly affect your neurological functioning. Overdose imply some adverse impacts on health including: -

1) Short-term memory loss
2) Anxiety fear that someone is following
3) Hallucinations
4) Increases heart rate
5) Addiction
6) IQ declinement

From the above article, it is clear that cannabis stuff is divided into two categories, i.e. casual and medical. Their vaporizers are same; only ingredients will change. From children to elders, marijuana has healing properties for everyone. Nevertheless, you need the advice of a neurologist who can suggest the safest option of CBD as per a specific illness.

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