In the research industry and laboratory, the autoclave is used as essential equipment that suits the needs of every application. It mainly operates at high pressure and temperature for killing the microorganisms. This equipment is also useful in the decontamination of some biological waste, instruments, surgical tools, and labware. As it comes in multiple sizes, designs, and specifications, it is difficult for people to choose the right equipment. Right from compact to built-in units, there are a number of options for the people to choose from.
The first thing that needs consideration is the previous record of the autoclave supplier. Are they supplying good quality products or not? This is considered important to focus on. But, apart from this, there are many other essential factors that need proper consideration before buying the autoclave. So let’s check them out in a discreet way:
Size of the autoclave
The right selection is needed, especially when you have different applications of the autoclave. The application of this equipment is not limited. Right from microbiology to the laboratory, it can be seen everywhere. Therefore, you must have a look on the size factor. Always focus on large it is to fit the items for autoclaving. The volume of the inside the chamber of autoclave matters the most if you are putting a lot of items in it for decontamination. So, one must know about the exact capacity and autoclave’s configuration before buying it. Sometimes, it can happen that the size that you want might not be available. Make sure to get a detail of the size of the autoclave.
Connection of installation and water requirement
Water is the most important thing to consider as autoclaves need plumbing. There are some models of the autoclave that operate only by adding water manually in the unit. Also, some models of an autoclave can be connected to external water mains for supply. Thus, you need to focus on both installation and water supply factors while selecting the autoclaves for your establishment.
Know your application and need
As autoclave is utilized in different industries, there are different autoclaving needs. Right from sterilization of the surgical tool to decontamination of laboratory wares, all these require different specifications. So, you must know what kind of application you are going to perform with the autoclaves. This will help you sort the list of autoclaves according to the specifications and applications.
Method and media of sterilization
There are different methods of sterilization in autoclaves. Gravity and pre-vacuum autoclaves work on different sterilization media. Therefore, decide what media you want and then go for choosing your suitable autoclave.
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Whenever selecting an autoclave, it is important to assess multiple pointers and factors to find the right autoclave. Right from the capacity to sterilization media, all factors must be considered.

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