Technological trends have seeped through almost all sectors, be it corporate, commercial or individual-based activities. With the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) a variety of tasks have become simpler and automated. The ease of linking your hardware devices to your smart devices is possible due to the magic of IoT in this present time. This whole IoT communication system has wonderfully worked to deliver information to one or multiple individuals or entities with a single click.

But the question is, whether we have discussed IoT security that earnestly? This is a concept which requires careful supervision since most of the work we manage includes an active use of technological gadgets and online services. One of the eye-opening examples is Wikileaks which showed the world that IoT platforms can be compromised to overhear conversations. Therefore, safety must be ensured and shouldn’t be left uncovered. Starting from your bank accounts, passwords, image collections etc., vulnerability rests in the smallest corners that needs to be spotted and cured with operational measures.

Below mentioned are some of the potential IoT-related threats which have been diagnosed and worked upon in order to make the whole system buttoned up for better exchange of information.

Data Encryption

Considering digital transmission, whatever data is sent stays encoded that is further retrieved at the user’s end. The threat lies from the hackers’ end who are always in search for ways to steal encoded data. There have been many instances when digital information has been stolen without much effort. Hence, there are certain measures which have been popular across the IoT security market that have helped numerous corporate biggies protect data in a closed format.

  • Implementation of Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) for online data handling. Presently, most of the online websites take the help of SSL certification in order to encrypt and protect user data.
  • Preferring firewalls when it comes to using web applications.
  • Inbuilt encryption associated to wireless protocol is gaining popularity these days.

Harmless Storage

Storing data is one of the commonly faced challenges that has led to the introduction of advance facilities such as cloud platforms, which have become convenient for the users. However, the risks related to such advance storage options are exposed when the hackers are one step ahead in their game. Therefore, be it your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, password protection is a must so as to prevent any type of data loss. This way you enable two-way authentication that has proven effective in this modern setup.

Hardware Hassles with IoT

If we talk about hardware devices, security amendments are very much necessary. IoT fatantics have been frequently questioned related to hardware related breaches, which constitute a major share in the cyberattack cases.

A variety of smart device manufacturers have started to introduced special chips which are present in the design of the gadget. However, not all wearable devices will include these chips. This technology is still underway in order to deliver low-cost security chip embedded devices to the wide tech frenzy population.

Data Authentication

Data authentication processed by only the concerned user. Suppose you have bought an IoT device for regulating office computers. There are chances that the device isn’t correct in updating you information regarding the exact count of systems linked for data transfer. This miscount can further build into a major issue when the non-track computer is compromised in terms of data leak. For stopping all such issues, a number of proper protocols should be followed like:

  • Mutual authentication
  • User secrecy
  • Secure period key establishment
  • Check the legal approval of the certification provided to smart device

The future holds better options and versions of IoT devices, but it is necessary to be careful in the present! We cannot grow careless with all such technologically driven maneuvers present around us. Security is a concern that needs to be addressed with full throttle. Therefore, the above mentioned pointers need to be understood and followed so as to make the digital platform a trustworthy arena for data sharing. There are several IoT experts who are ready to deliver their quick views about security techniques and upgrades. Feel free to connect with them online or via other communication sources. In addition, you can consult gadget manufacturers who are specialized in customized security-loaded equipment.

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