Signs Husband Is Confused About Divorce: Signs Your Husband Is Rethinking Divorce

You never thought you would have to learn how to stop divorce. But your marriage is failing and you are in the thick of battle. This is not the time to turn and run. Armor up, prepare to fight and save your marriage!

If you are asking yourself, "Does he want a divorce?" Then he is probably throwing around some pretty strong signs that he does. You do not want your marriage to end in divorce, but you have no idea how to get it back on track.

Heck, you might even feel as though you do not even really like your husband anyway! But the truth of the matter is, you may not like him, but you do still love him, so you need to be prepared to fight for your marriage.

No battle has ever been won without a strategy in place. However, please remember that, all though it may feel like it right now, your husband is not the enemy. He is the love of your life. Your strategy is to save your marriage, and not just win the war. This will take hard work and dedication, but that is why you are reading this article anyway. You are prepared to fight.

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The hardest thing to do, but the first thing you will need to do is BITE YOUR TONGUE! When men are unhappy in a relationship, they tend to provoke arguments. It is an excellent excuse to leave the house. Some take the excuse even further and cheat.

DO NOT give him the opportunity to have an excuse. DO NOT feed into his arguments. DO NOT let his negative energy transfer over to you. Instead, put up your force field girl and let it bounce right off of you! if you are not arguing, he cannot get mad.

Now for most of us women, biting our tongues is quite difficult to say the least. So your next plan of action will be to pray. Ask God to PLEASE help you hold your peace! Ask Him to help you to love your husband, even when he is being unlovable. After all, God does the same for us every day. So, I am pretty sure He can help us do the same for others, especially our husbands.

Once again, it WILL NOT be easy but nothing worth fighting for ever is!

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The first thing I have to tell you today is that it's your actions that will determine the fate of your marriage. Yes, your marriage might be in crisis and be heading for the end. But, how to save your marriage rests entirely in your hands - do the right things, you will save your marriage. Do the wrong things, and you can't avoid a divorce.

That leads me to telling you what the right things to do are.

The first point I have to make is that probably you are now looking for some magical way to save your marriage and fix all your marriage problems. This is a normal reaction, and is in fact some kind of reflex to the situation. It might be normal, but it is dangerous and you should avoid it. Your marriage has its problems, and those problems more than likely grew in some time; and as they didn't appear overnight, they won't go overnight.

So your first step to saving your marriage should be to immediately get out of this "knee-jerk" mindset. Know that you can save your marriage, but it won't be through a magic recipe that will repair all your marriage problems overnight. You have to calm down. Calming down is most beneficial for your marriage.

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Getting out of the knee-jerk reaction mind state and calming down is what saves marriages. Calming down will enable you to process the issues, and consider the problems from a much wider, way more healthy perspective. To save your marriage, you have to stop looking for something that will quickly fix everything and look at things from a more sensible perspective.

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Busy people who are married tend to forget about their spouse in one way or another. With so much to do and think about, it can be easy to ignore one's marital relationship and put it in the back seat.

But this should not be so. Remember that marriage is a commitment to love and respect each other through life's ups and downs. This translates to doing your part in nurturing your marriage no matter how busy you are with work, business or household and parenting tasks.

As husband and wife, nothing should be left to chance. Take steps to make your partner feel appreciated and loved even for just a few minutes every day. You may have read about this or heard about this or were even told about this many times in the past but still, they remain applicable to any married couple.

Below are some non-traditional tips to help you keep your marriage strong moving forward. These are simple and easy to do steps but which are surefire ways to improve your intimacy and marital bond.

Lots of hug. Don't you miss the time when you were a toddler and often would get hugs from your parents? Not because you're already adults and married doesn't mean you don't need hugs anymore. The truth is, hugs can have a positive effect on your partner when you give it sincerely and tightly. When you're tired from work, just hugging your spouse can be a great relief. Or before you sleep, taking a few minutes just hugging each other tightly and slightly rubbing the back is a good form of marriage support and can make your bond stronger. Try it and for sure, you will often ask for it.

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Say it or write it down. If you haven't tried this step, it's time you start doing it. All you have to do is just write down some things your partner did lately that you appreciate. You have the option to say it to him or her in person or over the phone to let your partner know you're thinking of him or her. Another way is to write those down on paper or send it via email. These positive thoughts are guaranteed to inspire your spouse and experts agree this tip really works. So if you can't say it, simply write it - that easy.

Be forgiving. This should be done not just on certain occasions but on a daily basis if possible. This is also a good technique to prevent fights from escalating. It's best to do this, though, with a cool head and during a quiet moment. This can only take a few minutes but the peace you create is really beneficial. When you are the first to ask forgiveness for a mistake you did, you will be appreciated by your partner. Make sure to be forgiving as well when you're being asked even though it's hard for you to do so.

So remember that there's a big difference between exerting an effort and being complacent in making your relationship work for the long term. Should you face difficulties, you can always seek marriage support or get free marriage help from dedicated websites on the internet.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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For Christmas this year, our family went together and bought us a video game system. My wife and I aren't big into video games, but we wanted it because of an exercise program we'd heard about. It was one gift, but we use it every day, sometimes a couple of times a day. By using the fitness program, we've gotten in better shape and have begun to lose weight. It was one gift that's been used over and over again that has benefited both of us greatly; the gift that keeps on giving. Our family has also noticed the difference in us which made them even gladder that they bought the gift.

Whether you realize it or not, you are God's gift to your spouse: one gift that he wants to use over and over again to help your spouse become all God wants them to be. You are going to impact your spouse one way or the other, in a positive or negative way. Are you helping to encourage and build them up or are you bringing them down?

I've learned that if I'm not intentional about building up and encouraging my wife, I usually don't. When I don't it hinders her growth in becoming what God wants her to be. But each day and week, when I'm intentional about encouraging her, serving her, and seeking to build her up, she begins to blossom. My focus needs to be on her and not myself if I'm to be the gift God wants.

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There might be some push back that says what about me? Isn't my spouse God's gift to me? Why not focus at least a little bit on what they can do for me?

The answer is, if we're not careful, we can fall into the trap of thinking that our spouse is the one who should fulfill our needs. The truth is GOD is the one who fulfills our needs and has chosen to accomplish that through our spouse. If you look to your mate to meet your needs, you'll often be disappointed and frustrated. God's desire is that we look to him and trust him to meet our needs and at the same time understand that he will meet them in his time and way.

If your spouse isn't meeting a specific need, God wants you to go to him about it and not try to meet it in your way and your time. When you choose to give all your needs and desires to God and be the gift to your spouse that God wants you to be, you open the door for God to work in you and your spouse in a wonderful way. If your spouse doesn't get it and won't meet your needs, but you learn to see God as your source, you've gained something that many believers don't have, a deep and abiding intimacy with God. But if you continue to be God's gift to your mate and they begin to respond in kind, you've got the best of both worlds.

There is joy found in giving gifts, but I've also found that there is great joy in being the gift God wants me to be. When I see the person my wife is becoming, and realize that God designed me and is using me to bring that about, it gets me excited. Not only does my wife grow when I'm the gift God wants me to be, but I grow as well. It's not always easy being the right kind of gift, but it is well worth it. The key is to not just be a one-time gift, but truly be the gift that keeps on giving.

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