Born under the sign of Virgo he will be peaceful, quiet and shy. He will be very delicate and show its high selectivity with meals. Once parents grasp their tastes, not much work will be very reliable. Growing up, demonstrate their intelligence and their great capacity for details. Be entertained discovering things that no one sees and prove to be neat and tidy with their toys.
It will be more timid when strange people in the house. Muted, or remain motionless and to the extent that enters in confidence will be released. His psychology is complex and his extreme sensitivity can be easily injured. Any insults, criticism or mockery immediately generate a complex. Often feels insecure or inferior. His parents must raise their self-esteem from early on, helping with large demonstrations of affection and steadily. Praise one does not work as they do not believe easily. Rarely cause a lot of problems during their upbringing. He will be the companion of his mother and take care of the housework. In general, just ask once things without having to comply with scolding.
In the school may be the darling of the student teacher for his discipline and dedication. At times, his perfectionism and attention to detail will lead to correct up to the same teacher. The written word is not enough to satisfy the inquiring mind of Virgo. It is good that this child gets plenty of educational games that stimulate his mental capacity. Education is very important because as he knows more, have more confidence in himself. If Virgo child has not received adequate preparation then can be very unhappy in his adult life, feeling introverted and embarrassed. Habits will be very accurate and will put everything in place. He can get to criticize all the members of his family and imitate them in a fun way.
His emotional world is complex and there will always be betray about what is really happening inside. During adolescence, the sensitivity will be higher and then your parents must be very careful not to mock his first steps in love. This could generate deep scars that affect their future emotional life. The softness, delicacy and talking with consistency are the best weapons to ensure their understanding and cooperation. He can suffer from the aggression and paralysis instead of exploding. To improve his future love life, it is good to teach them to express their emotions freely and is also very important to talk with non-natural Sex creating uncertainty. With this child, there is no danger of spoiling or generate too many illusions. It's a boy realistic, concrete, and intelligent and all the fantasies that develop small, will help his emotional balance in the future.

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