Signs My Husband Is Not In Love With Me: How Do I Know If My Husband Is Not In Love With Me Anymore

Of course, it could just be your imagination that your husband does not love you anymore, but just how do you know for sure whether your suspicions are right or wrong? It must be awful living like this, and not knowing whether your marriage is safe or not.

You can of course just ask your husband straight out, whether your fears are justified, but before you do, be aware and try to see some of the very obvious signs that you are right, and your husband does not love you anymore.

If your husband has of late been too busy with his own affairs and doesn't spend as much time as he used to with you, this could be cause for alarm. He will find every excuse under the sun to avoid being with you - he is too busy at work, there is a program on TV that he really wants to see, or, when he does have some time on his hands, he will rather spend it with his friends than with you.

Another sign that could show that your husband does not love you anymore, is when he does all he can to avoid family birthdays, anniversaries, or any other family get-togethers. He is showing that he does not want to be part of the family anymore.

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Speaking of families, he will shy away from you and the children, if you have any, as much as possible. He will let you know very clearly that he enjoys being with his friends or getting busy with his hobby a lot more than having you for company.

The biggest problem that you could have, that shows your husband does not love you anymore, is the fact that there is very little or no communication between you at all. He will get up in the morning without greeting you, get dressed, have something to eat and then go to work without saying goodbye.

As far as the intimate side of your marriage is concerned, it becomes non-existent when your husband loses interest in you. He will make sure that he only goes to bed when you are already asleep, to make sure that you can't make any demands on him.

You can take it as a definite sign that your husband doesn't love you anymore, when he suddenly informs you that he will be moving into the spare-room for a while. The next step is to move out the house completely.

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Once married for a couple of years, one of the most common questions women face is: does your husband still love you? Obviously, your doubt has some basis. He has forgotten your birthday, for the second time; he no longer sends you the loving text message to say that he is missing you; he actually forgot which your favorite color or flower is and so on.

The riddle does your husband still love you can actually be solved quickly, if you still love him with all your heart and want to bring back that lost or defused spark back into your marriage. You just have to remember that your husband could be having too many things in his plate right now and his attention is shared by too many people or too many issues.

There are many cases where the husband could still be in love with his wife but does not express it in as many words. So, if you wonder does your husband still love you, you need to give him the benefit of doubt before you arrive at any wrong conclusion or cast any hurtful aspersions on him. The other important factor is to probe deeper regarding the factors which could be behind making him appear aloof and disinterested.

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When you are thinking regarding does your husband still love you, think also of the following:

o How have you treated him lately? Are you taking his generosity, kindness and attention too much for granted?

o Do you appreciate him like you used to earlier?

o Are you overtly preoccupied with the kids and the kitchen to pay him any extra attention?

o Are you too busy with your own life, career and outside interests?

o Are there too many external influences which are interfering with your togetherness?

Chances are that though there is nothing intrinsically wrong with your marriage, factors like the ones mentioned above are creating a widening gap between the two of you. Does your husband still love you? To find the right answer, look within the relationship and the clues are all there.

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In every relationship, there is the need to be absolutely open to each other in every aspect of life. The unity, strength and love derived from an open flow of information in any relationship cannot be compromised at the expense of any selfish agenda. Trust and confidentiality remains a key factor in developing a solid bound in a relationship, and these two basic virtues can be achieved if both partners do not keep secrets from each other.

There is however occasions where the man may on his own volition decide to keep certain facts close to his chest due to ego, shame or pride depending on the scenario. This can be quite complicated if not properly handled. Below are some issues which men oftentimes keep close to their chest:

Someone has a crush on me
There is always the tendency for single women to create a platform for a romantic relationship with a man whether he is married or not. This can be quite tricky if the individual involved is not able to deal with such temptations. There have been cases where the lady in a bid to press her demand goes to the extent of blackmailing the man.

No man in his sane mind will open up to his spouse concerning this complicated issue, especially when he has fallen prey to the desperate lady seeking his attention. The best bet is to avoid starting a flame which can never be extinguished.

I am financially broke
One of the stabilizing factors in any marital relationship is finance. When this key ingredient is lacking in a relationship, love can turn sour and tension becomes inevitable. It is the responsibility of the man to provide the basic need for the entire household as ordained by God.

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Things may however not go according to plan in every relationship, and some men may find themselves in a tight financial situation. Majority of men in such situations never get to tell their spouse, so as to avoid panic and tension in the home. They go to any length to solve this dicey situation without the knowledge of their wife.

I am tired of the relationship
No woman wants to be told that it is all over as far as a relationship is concerned. Some years back, i once told a lady i dated that we can no loner continue in our relationship, and her reaction was quite unexpected. She got hysterical and violent at a stage that I almost felt bad for disclosing my intention to her.

Men are sensitive by nature and the thought of hurting those they love can sometimes haunt them in their closet. This can be responsible for some relationship that remains intact but with no apparent warmth or love between both partners. The man may be too afraid to share his deepest thoughts regarding the relationship to his emotional spouse.

You are getting old
Every woman dreads the thought of getting old and the mere sight of wrinkles and other aging signs can create panic in their heart. That is the main reason why women spend more time in front of the mirror than men. That is also the reason why any sensible husband will not tell the wife that she is getting old. Most men tell their spouse about their youthfulness and beauty daily. Women prefer to hear these words than the direct opposite.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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There are not many people who would sit all day and think "my spouse wants to divorce me". They would rather go ahead and divorce their partners, thinking it is the right decision to make - as the relationship is not working anyway. This is quite evident from the increased divorce rate around the globe these days. There are really few people who would care to put in that extra effort to pull though this difficult time and not give up on their married life.

The first feeling that one gets in these situations is the feeling of rejection. I understand this perfectly as I have gone through the same pain. The only way I could keep my marriage was to be on my toes and work around to try make the marriage work, and that is what you need to do as well, rather than cribbing about it. Crying and having a long face when your spouse tells you so would be a perfect way of pushing him or her out of the door! This would be the last thing that you would need to do. Hence, hold on and control your feelings to start with. As it is only when you would control your emotions around the fears of breaking up and the bitter feeling of being rejected, you would be able to think through the situation.

After controlling your feelings the next thing to do is seek out for help. Most of the people would not seek out for help thinking that it is quite shameful to reveal that they have marriage problems. But trust me - there is not even a single house hold which is free of problems and without any fear of a current or future divorce. Ask friends and family members for advice. If you are not that comfortable, look up the internet for all the help that you need. That is how I saved my marriage when I was hit by the "my spouse wants to divorce me" crisis.

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