Depression is something that shouldn’t be ignored. It can occur to anyone and most often the depressed person will need some help from loved ones or maybe a professional to go through this unpleasant period. An unhappy person is not the same as depressed person. There are certain signs that can set the boundaries between unhappiness and depression, and they definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s check them out!

Sleeping problems

Depressed people are constantly feeling low and have bad thoughts all the time which become the worse at night when trying to fall asleep. So, insomnia is often connected with depression. And not being able to fall asleep at the right time, leads to not getting the needed sleep and as such not being able to perform well during the rest of the day.

Lack of interest

Depression can lead to not enjoying the things you love. This could be a lack of interest in hobbies, sport or any other activities a person was looking forward to do before.

Changes in appetite

People who are suffering from depression most often have a change in appetite which also leads to changes in weight. It can be both ways - some people can gain weight by having an increased appetite, and others won’t be able to eat and thus lose weight. So, if there isn’t an intentional change in the diet, then this is caused by depression.

Constant mood swings

Being angry at one moment and crying out loud in the next one, is an example of mood swings. This can be caused of depression, and the person cannot control their emotions and stay calm. Also, a depressed person takes everything personally and responds dramatically.

Worrying too much

Depressed people cannot stop worrying about everything and they respond to any everyday situation with excessive worrying. This often leads to not being concentrated and having difficulty in finishing their daily tasks.

If you have had the above signs for more than two weeks, or maybe have noticed that someone close to you was having them, then do not ignore them. These are the signs of depression and getting the right help is of great importance.

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Phoebe Jones is a health enthusiast. She provides tips on how to maintain a healthy mind and body. She is also an avid traveler.