There are legions of signs of low self esteem. Many of them are not recognized so easily and often they are taken as signs of a strong character. Like in cases of people who try to impose their opinion on others that cannot accept to be criticized. In most cases they are believed to be strong and, instead, their self-esteem stands on a weak ground.
However, the great number of people who really suffer because of the low value they give themselves should be helped. Not all of them want to get help. They are not worth it, that is what they believe.
Today, I had a woman who came to see me because, as she said, she had a problem with prosperity. Although she knows that money is energy and that she can attract it with her actions and thoughts, she told me that whenever she earns good money she certainly spends it in the most stupid ways, like giving it back to the authorities when she gets a traffic fine. She feels that she is not worth of the high amount she just earned. I asked her why she felt in this way. She tried to verbalize it and finally said: it’s due to what my father told me and also my mother: I am not worth it. She might be in her fifties and the sentence pronounced by her parents while she was very young still creates her serious problems. She often has not got enough money to pay her rent timely. Instead of paying it within the first five days of the month as our law foresees it, she will pay it by the 13th. She finally admitted that her self-esteem regarding money had always been very low.
Another person told me that she had announced a class she was going to give and the enrollments came it much faster and in much greater number than she had ever thought possible. The people finally enrolled were 23. Never before had she seen such a high participation in her city. She did not believe it and, in fact, only 19 showed up and paid for it. This person as well said she was not worth to earn so much money. She did not deserve it.
The signs of low self esteem are not always manifested in the field of prosperity but very often this area is also involved. Many people do not participate in social activities or social gatherings because “they are not worth of being invited”. Many seem not to be able to write a sentence without making spelling mistakes . “I am not used to writing and I do not need it”.
Many others blush whenever they meet a socially higher ranked person and are afraid of approaching him or her. “He/she will never look at me. I do not deserve it”. They are not only timid but very often this is a clear sign of what they believe is “their unworthiness”.
All these signs could be corrected if the people had the courage to seek help. Not all do accept a word in this sense. I feel sorry for these people who feel not adapted to their surroundings and try to hide away. Or to show off and by doing so are hurting themselves.
It is not easy to live with a low self-esteem but help can be found in any community. I would like to encourage people to look around and find somebody who can show them how to build up a sound self-esteem.

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I am a professional translator,public speaker and coach.I am a ceretified trainer and instructor for EFT, SpringForestQiGong, Remap, EmoTrance and my aim is to help people live a happier and more fulfilled life.